Illustration portfolio website examples.

Melissa Guachun

“Melissa Guachun is a New York City based illustrator. She shortly attended School of Visual Arts before attending Hunter College. Most of her works are inspired by personal events and music. She specializes in pen and ink, as well as digital media. ”

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Color for breakfast

“Self taught artist. Painting the things that put a smile on my face every morning. I make customized pet art through photography, digital illustration and acrylic paint. Food and abstract nature are also part of my creative process. I make patterns and abstract pieces with markers, oil pastel and acrylic paint.”

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Rose Liu

“Rose is an award-winning illustrator based in Toronto, Canada, where she creates soft, whimsical, imaginative, storytelling illustrations. While mainly focusing on picture book and children's illustration, she also likes to make quiet, mysterious images to express subtler feelings and thoughts.”

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Yuval Robichek

“Yuval Robichek, a Tel Aviv based artist, creates illustrations for magazines, books, murals, fashion and TV projects. He studied “Humor in Arts” at the School of Visual Arts, New York. His work has been exhibited in Tel Aviv and Brussels, and has been published in publications such as Forbes, VICE and Time Out amongst others.”

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“King is an Illustrator and Fine Artist who currently resides in Florida. King attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and received a Bachelors in Illustration. King's work focuses on transcending the flesh and finding one's self. ”

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Caitlin Duennebier

“Working in painting, drawing, sculpture, and animation, Duennebier creates surreal narratives that focus on a cast of oddball characters. Drawn in a crude and illustrative manner, her scenes commingle threat and sly humor. Duennebier's imagery is populated by bemused men, fierce-looking women, and strange half-breed creatures that maintain an air of playfulness and innocence while addressing feminism, death and storytelling. ”

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Naiting Huang

“Naiting Huang is an illustrator and graphic designer from Taiwan, based in London. Her works are mostly inspired by dreams, movies, music, and life experience. The methods of production, materials, and details are all included in the design. Naiting is in love with nostalgic colors and effects, and the process of turning something imagined into a real product is the most fascinating thing to her. ”

Theme: Sierra

Alessandra McGovern

“Aless Mc combines bright colors, flowing shapes and cultural references to create graphic images with a vintage feel. Passionate about risography and silkscreen printing, her approach consists in superposing colors, textures and typography to bring the nostalgia of retro print ads into her work. ”

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Louisa Tsui

“Louisa creates out of a colourful box filled with books from top to bottom in Vancouver, B.C. She’s a bit of a time traveler, and a story collector. But she won’t be able to tell you the future, only bits of the past scrawled on sheets of paper— sometimes it sounds like poetry, sometimes they’re pictures. Maybe she'll take your words and tell you a past, make you a zine, teach you how to fold along the way. ”

Theme: Horizon

David Henry Lantz

“David Henry Lantz is a freelance designer and illustrator. His portfolio spans mediums from painting and drawing to digital 2D and motion graphics. Drawing inspiration from his travels, David's work ebbs and flows between styles, is often detail-oriented, and emphasizes setting and atmosphere. David currently resides in Chiang Rai, Thailand.”

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Updated on August 5, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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How to create an illustration portfolio website.

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