Fashion Photography

Karina Ordell

“Karina is a US-born, EU-based, world-traveling fashion photographer with a special focus on black and white. Her approach is intimate, highlighting her subjects' individuality, subtle moodiness and sensuality. She especially loves photographing men and continues to work on her long-term project, "Boys At Home". ”

Template: Mica

Danielle Rueda

“Danielle Rueda is a fashion photographer who shoots fashion, lifestyle, and editorials. Danielle embraces candid elements in photography - capturing moments of truth and beauty. Her photographs depict intimate moments of solitude, making the viewer a voyeur. Her photography is soft and ethereal - which brings the tranquility of nature to her work.”

Template: Kiln

Timmothy Lee

“"A representation of anything to the mind; a picture drawn by the fancy; a conception; an idea.Image making is what he does with passion." Timmothy Lee is an international photographer that is specialized in Fashion, Beauty, Portrait & Product photography. He is currently residing in Hong Kong, With a strong background of west & east culture influences. he has both a graphic design diploma from Niagara college, and an illustration degree from Ontario Art and Design University. ”

Template: Sun

Robyn Damianos

“Robyn Damianos is an Australian fashion model turned photographer. A 10-year modeling career which included VOGUE Magazines, Haute Couture Runway Shows and International Advertising Campaigns allowed Robyn to develop a natural understanding of different photography styles, lighting techniques and posing while modeling for acclaimed photographers such as Steven Meisel, Corinne Day and Mariano Vivanco. ”

Template: Horizon Left

Ludovic Pieterson

“Ludovic Pieterson is a French artist based in Paris, passionate about photography and fashion. He turned to fashion photography because it was a universe that suited him and allowed him to pursue that passion more deeply. Having a design background, his sensitivity evolved over the years to become a multidisciplinary artist with a keen eye for design. Aesthetics, Simplicity and Elegance are major axes in his photographic work back by his design training allows him to work differently. ”

Template: Peak

Chihiro Lia Ottsu

“Chihiro is a Japanese photographer based in Berlin. Whilst of 4 years of stay in Sydney, she discovered her fascination with images and became a self-taught photographer. She created several fashion orientated magazine editorials, interviews and a diverse set of additional photography projects. Furthermore, she kept exploring her photography in an artistic way resulting in multiple individual as well as group exhibitions in Japan, Korea and Germany allowing her to develop her creative side. ”

Template: Beacon

Updated on July 25, 2019 | By Steph Davidson

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