Photography portfolio website examples.


“Coming from a world of science and research, Siddhartha finds another voice in the arts, specially street photography. The pulse of life constantly unfolding into fleeting scenes is endlessly engrossing. It is the form, people, colour and light come together in a confluence that he tries to capture in his photographs. ”

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Charly Savely

“Charly Savely is a Seattle, Washington based adventure & commercial photographer. Available for travel worldwide. ”

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Le Caron

“Steve is as a multidisciplinary artist who made a career out of his passions. He knows the hard work it takes to transform one's passions into full-time jobs. He has studied in graphic design and is a self-taught photographer. Over time, Steve discovered a love for photography and it kept growing. The passion and excitement he has in photography comes with capturing the right emotion in each image and the story it tells.”

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Armin Graca

“Born in 1990, Armin Graca is a self-taught photographer and self-publisher from Sarajevo. He uses his camera to interact with people and to tell their stories through a visual experience.”

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Omii Thompson

“Toronto born and NYC raised, Omii is a product of two cultures. After spending his childhood and early adult life in the United States, he returned to Toronto to attend Sheridan College where he studied Classical Animation. Always seeking new ways for artistic expression, Omii decided to pick up a camera and transition to capturing still images. Love for storytelling and illustration drew him to portrait photography and the challenge of distilling the spirit of the person in front of him. ”

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Dan Fontanelli

“Dan Fontanelli is a photographer and the owner of Bright Rooms, an open access darkroom, and studio in London. He has built a large body of work shooting portraits of contemporary artists whilst also working on several book projects. He takes on private and editorial commissions and works with London institutions on photographic projects. Bright Rooms was built to share his passion for analogue technique, build community, and also a teaching space for all to learn.”

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Jörg Wanderer

“Jörg Wanderer is a German travel photographer with focus on urban and natural landscapes, street sceneries, architecture, available light photography, urban night shots, and aerial photography. With his photographic initiations at the end of the 90s in Düsseldorf, he refined and elaborated his own photographic style during several journeys to the U.S., Asia, Australia, and throughout Europe.”

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Hilary Duffy

“Hilary Duffy is a New York City-based photographer who draws upon her commitment to social issues and her love of travel and cultures. Duffy developed a passion for photography while working as an educator in Costa Rica in the 1990s. She returned to the United States to study in the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program at the International Center of Photography. She then completed international assignments as a two-time recipient of the Johnson & Johnson/ICP Fellowship Program. ”

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Jack Davolio

“International destination wedding photographer for people who love to laugh out loud and their unconventional, one of a kind weddings.”

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Matthew Choi

“Currently based in Hong Kong, Matthew Choi began his photography journey in 2006, and has since spent 7 years living across United Kingdom, Canada and China. While documenting his travelling experiences, he has developed a keen eye in travel, landscape, cityscape, and aerial photography. He started his photographic journey as part of the school photography team, focusing on photojournalistic-styled events photography.”

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