Photography portfolio website examples.

Phil Carpenter

“Phil Carpenter is a photojournalist and videojournalist in Montreal, Quebec who also teaches photography and offers consulting services in photography and visual storytelling. Currently, Phil is a television VJ/reporter at Global News Montreal after working for 20 + years as a newspaper photojournalist. He is also the author of Breast Stories, a book which explores female identity through photos and essays of more than 50 women who've had mastectomies.”

Template: Grace

George Nickels

“George Nickels is a freelance photojournalist and has been working in South East Asia and Europe since 2011. The primary focus of his work is covering social conflict and humanitarian crises. Currently based in Paris, he is a member of The Frontline Freelance Register. Born in Oxfordshire, England in 1982, he is a self-taught photographer, with work published in leading newspapers, magazines and media outlets worldwide. ”

Template: Industry

Tiffannie Mersades

“Tiffannie Mersades is a creative director and film photographer with experience in fashion, music, and editorial photography. With a subtle minimalistic approach, she strives to create work that has feeling and thought. Memories are an important part of Tiffanie's film photography not only focusing on the picture but the feeling it gives and the relationship made with my clients.”

Template: Mica

Christine Skowski

“Christine Skowski was born in 1979 in Germany, from where her parents relocated when she was 3 months old to Windhoek, Namibia. After her schooling, she moved to Germany to enrole as interior architecture student. During her studies, she was exposed to photography and the Photographic Art School in Leipzig and decided to become a photographer. She started studying photography in Bielefeld, and had her diploma show in 2009. 2010, she moved back to Namibia to work as a freelance photographer.”

Template: Horizon

Tal Paz-Fridman

“Tal Paz-Fridman is a photographer specializing in creative and documentary photography. To paraphrase the description of the great American photographer Sam Abell, Tal's style of photography is documentary in the sense that they record the world as it is, however, it has transcendent qualities, that start at the documentary level, yet open to interpretation on an aesthetic level as well.”

Template: Horizon Left

Riccardo Alessio

“Riccardo grows in the world of food thanks to important collaborations with multinationals, young entrepreneurs, pastry chefs, and star chefs. The continuous search for a modern and personal aesthetic, as well as the great desire for growth, made sure that his ideas evolved quickly. Always ready for new challenges and new collaborations, he started this new year with a great project: the foundation of "Stood", his new photography studio, and brand development dedicated to the world of food.”

Template: Horizon Left


“Zantz is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Singapore that has a keen eye for the aesthetics of light and colours. With every frame that he captures, his aim is to freeze the evanescence of life and beauty, evoking the senses of the audience. Aesthetic itself is nothing without the sensibility of commerce. Marrying art with commerce, he hopes to have contributed to the success of my commercial and editorial clients through the pictures that he takes.”

Template: Peak

Ralph Larmann

“Ralph Larmann, born 1963, studied drums with a focus on popular music at the Rotterdams Conservatorium before he later turned towards photography and journalism. Since then he has created complex photo documentations on national and international stages. With the ED SHEERAN "DIVIDE" and U2 "360°" World Tours Ralph Larmann photographed as official photographer the two most successful concert tours ever. Books: U2 360° - FROM THE GROUND UP; AC/DC - ROCK OR BUST; STAGE DESIGN; STAGE DESIGN EMOTION”

Template: Peak

Dan Robinson

“Dan Robinson is a New York City based photographer and filmmaker. With a refined photojournalistic style and an eye for timeless moments, it's a desire to tell stories that fuels his photography.”

Template: Amazon

Damola Akintunde

“Based in North Carolina, Damola Akintunde is a photographer that utilizes visuals as a form of expression of the self. She uses self-portraiture to capture her own personal story as a Nigerian-American woman, in addition to lending herself as a tool for others to align their self perception with their physical presentation, turning them into art. ”

Template: Horizon Left

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