Photography portfolio website examples.

Robyn Damianos

“Robyn Damianos is an Australian fashion model turned photographer. A 10-year modeling career which included VOGUE Magazines, Haute Couture Runway Shows and International Advertising Campaigns allowed Robyn to develop a natural understanding of different photography styles, lighting techniques and posing while modeling for acclaimed photographers such as Steven Meisel, Corinne Day and Mariano Vivanco. ”

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Pancho Monti

“Pancho Monti loves photographing people. Faces and eyes reveals so much of a person. He does not like to overuse just one photography technique, therefore using different cameras and formats. Switching between expensive cameras, cheap cameras, digital, analog (35mm & 120 mm) he always tries to maintain a certain aesthetic. He also loves to photograph urban landscapes and capturing the character and surroundings. ”

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Emre Uzer

“Emre studied photography in Istanbul, Turkey. He opened his own studio upon his graduation and while creating various projects for his clients, he started to lecture photography at institutions. After attracting right amount of attention he joined the biggest photography representation company in Istanbul and started to work for ad agencies and big brands. Emre moved to London where he works for commercial clients and on his own projects.”

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William Soci

“William Soci works in a form of new realism by redefining the standards of beauty. Influenced by documentary photographers, street photographers and photojournalists. His photography attempts to reflect a certain social or human reality. His work stands out for it's natural realism in an age when surrelaistic standards of beauty dominate our culture. He photographs his subjects in their natural state.”

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Chris Sorensen

“Chris Sorensen is an award-winning portrait, documentary and travel photographer who escaped the corporate world and found photography where he gets to take pictures of interesting faces and beautiful places. He’s been selected for American Photography 3 times, chosen for the Communication Arts Photo Annual 3 times, and honored by PDN twice. He’s shot for The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Monocle, ESPN the Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine and more. ”

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Tomas Smith

“Tomas is a doctoral student in arts at Bordeaux Montaigne University. His research leads him to Chile where he undertakes field missions as part of the Moby-Dick Project and his thesis.”

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Andrew Rashotte

“Andrew Rashotte is a dynamic, resourceful, and audience-focused photographer with 13+ years of experience producing photographic content for various mediums. Andrew has been featured in various venues including British GQ, B&W Magazine, Fast Times, and the Ottawa Art Gallery.”

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Frank Braun Fotografie

“Frank Braun lives and works in Bochum and Düsseldorf, Germany. After having worked in a photographic laboratory for a year he travelled through Europe and Middle and North America to gain experience in landscape photography. Following this period he started his studies of architecture at the University of Dortmund. After this he started his two year education as a professional photographer. Having finished this education, he established his own photo studio for commercial photography.”

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Jaymel Capinpin

“Jaymel Molina Photography has been creatively capturing happy, quirky, off-beat, easy-going, and fun images for over a decade. Their studio offers a multitude of on-site photographic services that range from commercial fashion shoots to weddings and other formal events. Based out of Las Vegas, Jaymel originates from Hawaii and has lived in many other states before settling down in sunny Southern Nevada.”

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Stephen NG

“Stephen NG is the Chief Photographer and Producer at Stephen NG Photography, with his unique sense of aesthetics, he captures life's Love and Perfection. He's received awards in various type of photo contests, including "Accolade of Excellence" in WPPI(Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) and Excellence Award in AsiaWPA(Asia Wedding Photographers Association) photo contest. Stephen NG is a member of WPPI, AsiaWPA and NIKON Professional Services Hong Kong.”

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