Photography portfolio website examples.

Stéphane Gizard

“Stéphane Gizard is French photographer, living and working in Paris. Best known for portraits of young people created for his “Modern Lovers” series, photographer Stéphane Gizard’s gentle, kindly eye manages to capture the beauty and fragility of his subjects, which have included many celebrities and strangers. His work reveals their sensuality and brings out the expression of a truth; an intimate questioning. In parallel to working closely with the press and the advertising industry.”

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Wylie J Miller

“Wylie J Miller, AKA Shutter Button Blazing, uses collage and zines to explore people, subtleties of locations and architecture. Introduced to photography through family vacations, Miller has now been in practice for over 10 years. His curiosity towards his grandfathers’ activities with cameras, gave Miller an unquenchable lust for photography. At the age of 16, he has gifted an SLR camera from his mother. Miller shoots with purpose and has dedicated himself to understanding photography.”

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Luuk Walschot

“Luuk Walschot is a director slash creative slash photographer. His style is commercially authentic, which means that the work he creates feels truthful and thus makes a big impact. The truth can be told with humor, love, tension and in various other ways, but in its core it’s about emotion. Contact him if you want to move your audience emotionally and make them act physically. He’s Amsterdam based, but he works all over. He also talks about himself in the third person.”

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Ludovic Pieterson

“Ludovic Pieterson is a French artist based in Paris, passionate about photography and fashion. He turned to fashion photography because it was a universe that suited him and allowed him to pursue that passion more deeply. Having a design background, his sensitivity evolved over the years to become a multidisciplinary artist with a keen eye for design. Aesthetics, Simplicity and Elegance are major axes in his photographic work back by his design training allows him to work differently. ”

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Tom Parsons

“Tom grew up in rural Hertfordshire and it was there, during childhood explorations of the local countryside, that he developed the keen eye for detail which would be invaluable in his future career. Before discovering photography, Tom’s career path took several different directions, from the Household Cavalry to the Wine Trade, with the disciplines and people skills he acquired along the way proving a a great asset in the world of photography. ”

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Karen Navarro

“With a background in fashion design, Argentina-born artist, Karen Navarro, works with a highly stylized aesthetic on a diverse array of mediums that includes photography and collage. Her constructed portraits are known for the use of color theory, surreal scenes and minimalist details. Navarro’s work explores themes related to identity and femininity. It expresses self-referential questions that connect in a much larger scale to ideas of social construction of reality. ”

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Chihiro Lia Ottsu

“Chihiro is a Japanese photographer based in Berlin. Whilst of 4 years of stay in Sydney, she discovered her fascination with images and became a self-taught photographer. She created several fashion orientated magazine editorials, interviews and a diverse set of additional photography projects. Furthermore, she kept exploring her photography in an artistic way resulting in multiple individual as well as group exhibitions in Japan, Korea and Germany allowing her to develop her creative side. ”

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Diego Guillen

“Diego Guillen is a Mexican photographer with 10 years in the music business. He loves music, photography, concerts, touring and documenting experiences. He has done work for cool people he admires, like The Voidz, Molotov, Natalia Lafourcade, Bomba Estéreo, Jorge Drexler, Elsa y Elmar, Porter, Caloncho, Mon Laferte, Juan Pablo Vega, OCESA, Universal Music México, Sony Music México, and many more.”

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Meghan Klein

“Meghan Klein is a lifestyle wedding and portrait photographer based in Seattle who loves capturing raw, honest emotion and unexpected moments. Her work was recently featured in Gray Magazine, Seattle Bride Magazine and 52 Lists for Togetherness by Moorea Seal. ”

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Patti Hallock

“Patti Hallock received her BFA in photography from the University of Colorado at Denver in 2004 and her MFA in photography 2007 from Parsons, The New School for Design in New York City. Her work is represented by Goodwin Fine Art in Denver, Colorado. She was invited to exhibit work from her project, “The West Is Here” in a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, CO, in 2013. A book about the work was published in conjunction with the exhibition.”

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