Horóscopos para creativos: Del 11 al 17 de enero de 2016

Nuestra astróloga de la Revista Format, Priya Kale, te ofrece lecturas semanales sobre creatividad, productividad y carrera profesional.

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Todos los lunes, nuestro astrólogo de la Revista Format Priya Kale ofrece lecturas profesionales sobre tu creatividad, productividad y carrera. Encuentra tu signo a continuación y síguelo cada semana.

Aries (Mar 21–Apr 19):##

It might feel like you’re taking two steps forward, one step back. Progress has been slow, but regardless of what you fear, you’re making solid traction with your goals; you’re coming to a deeper understanding of a professional situation, the underlying layers, and your role within it.

It might mean taking a huge step back as you refine an idea, but this will save you a lot of time, money, and energy in the long run. Even what you thought was a mistake might turn out better than you planned, if you learn from it. As Pablo Picasso once said: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

Taurus (Apr 20–May 20):##

You’ve been through a lot recently but you’re on your way to greater creative, personal, and financial freedom. Have faith in yourself, in what you offer, and in the greater forces at work behind the scenes. As you’ve seen time and time again, just when you think you’re out of luck, help shows up.

You’ve been tested, but this week has been a lesson in surrendering control. You’re maturing and evolving, as are your goals. As you reach an important vantage point this week, you’ll be offered perspective and information on the road ahead. There is no shortcut to success, but the light you see at the end of the tunnel is real. You’ve only scratched the surface of your potential; dig deep.

Gemini (May 21–June 20):##

Life is evolving from the core. You might even be moving, perhaps relocating for work. These are changes you’ve anticipated, but nothing prepares for reality until it happens. There are also sudden new opportunities arising, in a creative or financial partnership, showing you that you have options as you make this transition: you have more power and authority than you think, and a support system to fall back on.

Something you feared was falling apart is rearranging itself and stabilizing. Your professional life needs to reflect an inner reality, so make choices that align with your values and integrity, and let go this week of what you’ve outgrown.

Cancer (June 21–July 22):##

You’re on a roll. A creative idea you have this week, could seem “out there,” but really it’s right on the mark and genius. Expect to have at least one important conversation mid-week that brings you clarity and perspective on the way forward with this idea.

You’re also coming to huge realizations about a partnership, and who has your back. Avoid getting caught up in petty arguments, or so lost in the details that you lose sight of the big picture. Lead with inspiration, stay focused on a common goal and you can solidify any relationships that matter. Pour your energy into what you love each and every day, and you’ll be surprised with what you achieve.

Leo (July 23–Aug 22):##

Something new is sparking your creativity and imagination, and beckons you on a new adventure. It might feel like a risk, but you needn’t feel guilty about chasing your passion. Expect a moment of deep clarity this week, showing you what you need to do or change with a dilemma at work or in your life—it’ll give you the freedom and security you need.

Be resourceful, work smarter, and cut back on what that drains your time, money and energy. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. A minor adjustment will make a huge difference in the long run.

Virgo (Aug 23–Sept 22):##

Unexpected developments in a financial or business arrangement are offering you greater options and more financial security. You’re in an extremely creative phase—an idea you have is really coming into sharp focus now. You’re also reconnecting with your creativity in a way you haven’t since perhaps childhood.

Your only duty now is to be authentic and honest with yourself. Even if it goes against the grain of what you’ve been conditioned to believe is expected of you, acknowledge your role in the creation of your life. You, like your art, are a work in progress. Nurture the creative process as you chip through layers of marble to reveal the masterpiece.

Libra (Sept 23–Oct 22):##

Remain open minded in your conversations this week—especially if they involve money or close partnerships. Something might come as a surprise, but if you feel like the rug’s been pulled out from under you, wait until you have more information before you react. Even if you can’t see it, you’re being protected, and shown whom you can truly count on.

As you see the past in a new light, you can rewrite history, and change your future. An idea you have is on the money, and you could rework and deepen arrangements that everyone feels supported by. Whatever you’ve dreamed for yourself, the Universe has dreamed it bigger and better.

Scorpio (Oct 23–Nov 21):##

Sudden, unexpected changes at work, or in the dynamics of creative partnership are asking you to reconsider recent decisions in the light of what’s unfolding. Something could turn out better than you hoped—but first, be honest with yourself about your hopes and dreams, and the ones you’ve outgrown. Also, consciously let go of defeatist ideas, beliefs and self-limiting perceptions.

In all conversations, be honest with yourself, and be sure to listen—you can learn valuable information, empowering you to clear misunderstandings, renegotiate arrangements and make decisions that support your dreams. Something might feel like a risk, but invest in what you value, without expectations of what you will receive.

Sagittarius (Nov 22–Dec 21):##

This week you could reconnect with a cherished personal and professional goal that you’d almost given up hope on. But first, hopefully you’ve realized that your creativity is the source of your wealth, and that you are the source of your creativity.

Learn to love and value yourself better, and rediscover and feed what brings you joy. Then you can attract the money you deserve, and the relationships that truly see the beauty in you and your work. There’s a smoldering passion within you that deserves to see the light of day. Be fearless as you unleash your creativity and you could achieve what some would call impossible, but to you is simply child’s play.

Capricorn (Dec 22–Jan 19):##

A professional situation has been heating up for months as you’ve struggled to balance a domestic situation. Unexpected developments unfolding now are about to show you that you’re safer than you thought. What’s unfolding is also offering you greater freedom, and the support you need to reach for your dreams.

You’re in a new personal cycle now, and this week is bringing you huge realizations about yourself, allowing you regain perspective on the road ahead. You have friends, and (silent for now) benefactors in your corner. With a little help from them you’ll not only get by, but could indeed help touch the world, or at least your part in it.

Aquarius (Jan 20–Feb 18):##

You’ve recently seen a dream come to fruition, and there are even more exciting and unexpected developments on the way, bringing you closer to your goals. You might hear of an intriguing and lucrative opportunity from a friend or connection. It might sound unbelievable, and or you might wonder if you can trust someone or something. True, there’s a lot you don’t know, but keep an open mind and investigate something before you write it off as impossible.

Remain detached and aware, even as you reach for your goals. You are the wo/man for the job and you’d be surprised with what you could achieve if you set your mind to it. A small insight or stroke of inspiration could change everything. This could be the answer to a long-standing prayer.

Pisces (Feb 19–Mar 20):##

You’re becoming aware of the value of what you offer your relationships and the world: your reputation is spreading far and wide, and you’re being noticed. You might be surprised with a taste of unexpected success this week, and or there might be a professional opportunity arising that pushes boundaries of what you think you are capable of. Go for it.

A conversation with a friend might show you that you have the support you need in your community and friends to manifest a dream of yours, whatever it might be. What you need is more faith in yourself. Trust the changes you’re contemplating will bring you more of the freedom you need, both financially and personally. But don’t forget: with great power comes great responsibility. Be wise and true to your integrity.

Todas las lecturas de Priya Kale.

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