Johanna Noack convierte los domingos de pereza en GIF de arte pop

Illustrator Johanna Noack's primary-colored tableaus are pop art with an edge.

johnna noack 1 1.gif

From a tie-wearing snake, to a cactus with a face, and a finger growing like a houseplant in a pot, nothing is quite what it seems in Johanna Noack’s strange, colorful GIFs and illustrations.

The German artist excels at adding absurdist, unexpected details to regular lazy Sunday household scenes. Noack’s work often feels like a portrait of a relaxed weekend afternoon at home, complete with cups of coffee, records, and watching TV. Her illustrations are full of flowers and playful colors, but the strange plants and oddly contorted limbs that also appear add a weird and funny edge to the work.

Noack has done illustration work for a variety of print magazines, including Germany’s Zeit Campus y Ladybeard. No matter the subject of her work, Noack’s distinct style always stands out, with the same vibrant blues, reds, and yellows forming color blocks that could have been cut out of contrast paper. The bright hues contrast against stippled black and white backgrounds that lend a sense of 3D texture to her work.

Ver más de Johanna Noack’s illustration work at her cartera de ilustraciones.

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