It’s no secret that cutting-edge portfolio websites are important for artists and designers—a good portfolio website can showcase your work and help grow your business.

OCAD University has partnered with Format, a leading portfolio website solution with a community of more than 50,000 creative professionals across 190 countries, since 2012 to support emerging artists and designers. September 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the partnership.

Through this partnership, OCAD U students receive free subscriptions to the platform while attending OCAD U and for six months after graduation. Since 2012, students and student groups have created over 7,600 free accounts with Format, resulting in some $8 million worth of free subscriptions to make their own portfolio websites and help launch their careers. 

“Since launching our partnership with Format ten years ago, we have seen thousands of students and recent graduates use their websites to develop audiences for their work and secure experiential learning placements, jobs, artwork commissions and many other opportunities which wouldn’t otherwise have been possible,” says Zev Farber, Director, RBC Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers at OCAD U. 

“Looking back, at the time, this was certainly the vision for the OCAD U community – and while it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to reflect on those outcomes, we are very grateful that future creative talent will see the same benefits for their career.”

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