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The Daily Routines of Creative Professionals [Infographic]

If Hollywood stereotypes are to be believed, creative types can be defined in two ways.

Either they’re whimsical daydreamers, spending their scatter-brained days fighting their various neuroses before ultimately birthing genius in the moments before an impending deadline. Then, smugly satisfied, they’ll make an appearance at some hoity-toity cocktail party or gallery opening where people praise their immeasurable talent.

Or they’re “Peter Pan” types, fruitlessly holding out against the rigors of a 9-5 and actual responsibilities, choosing to waste their youth writing or designing or finger painting. Once they can no longer afford to pay the rent on their studio, they’ll seek out help from their investment banker father.

But the truth is creative work is just that — work. It may be a little untraditional and it may come with a smidge of insecurity, but it’s an honest-to-God living.