Amrit Brar: ‘Shitty Horoscopes’, wicked illustrations

Take a look at Toronto illustrator Amrit Brar's witty, yet macabre, drawings.

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Amrit Brar is an illustrator and zine creator based in Toronto, who recently graduated from OCAD with a Bachelor of Design in Illustration. Her latest work entitled Inhuman Connections explores, with whip-smart humour and subtlety, “queerness, big feelings, and racism intersecting with aliens, monstrosities and ghosts.” Inhuman Connections is, despite its name, incredibly human and affecting, collecting the seemingly tiny but actually huge sentiments and feelings that are shared by many of us. The three palms below represent part of Brar’s work with Inhuman Connections.

She also illustrates a zine series called Shitty Horoscopes that satirizes newspaper horoscopes, “peppered with crass remarks and existential dread,” Brar says. Shitty Horoscopes is simultaneously often hilarious, tragic, and thoughtful, combining simple but heady statements with gorgeous, ornate black and white illustrations. Both Inhuman Connections and Shitty Horoscopes were born because, “I became hugely disillusioned with illustrating,” Brar says. “And I’ve found that I’m now enjoying myself more than ever.”

Brar frequently publishes her work under the name Musterni, and also does work in character design and portraiture. Her zines and screen printed posters of her Shitty Horoscopes series are available to buy at her online store.

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