Baron Von Fancy’s New Business Card Collection for Moo

In usual Baron Von Fancy style, these MOO business cards are neon with cheeky slogans that will spice up your networking.

Baron Von Fancy PR 64 scaled

Whether or not you’ve heard of him, you probably recognize Baron Von Fancy’s work. The multimedia artist is known for his distinctive typography designs, and frequently installs huge billboards around New York emblazoned with messages like “Don’t Call Me Baby” “Going Nowhere Fast,” and, “When I Said I’d Hit That I Meant With My Car.”

In a brand new collaboration with Moo, Von Fancy has released a limited collection of business cards. It takes his throwback store sale sign style and applies to the throwback tradition of handing out slips of paper with your information on it. The set of five cards include phrases like, “I Just Put You At The Top of My To Do List” and “I Can’t Make Any Promises.”

Check out the Baron Von Fancy’s business card collaboration below and get full pricing information at Even if you’re more likely to put your own work on your business card, these artist keepsakes can bring a bit of Fancy into your life.


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