Hyungjo Moon Collages With Boring Stock Photography

Artist Hyungjo Moon creates fantastical layered photos inspired by everyday objects.


In the collages and photos of artist Hyungjo Moon, everyday objects are placed in strange new contexts. Layering fuzzy found photos with crisp digital shots, Moon provokes thought by situating banal imagery in unexpected contexts.

“I use cameras, computer screens, and scanners to create a photographic space,” Moon says of his work. “I appropriate the formal language and function of banal stock images, screenshots, even digital drawings, to construct a picture.”

Moon’s layered works are characterized by bold contrasts in color and texture. Bright orange pylons dot a snowy hill; a blue-jeaned leg floats before a red car; a neon green box holds art supplies on a messy desk. Like most stock photography, there is a staged and out-of-date feel to many of Moon’s images, as if they had been torn out of an old sales catalog or found in a box in someone’s closet. Moon uses these stale images in new ways, finding a different approach to looking at a tree, a projector, a house under construction.

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