Laura Callaghan Illustration | Illustrating Badass Girls, 80s Style

From features in NYLON to working with Urban Outfitters, illustrator Laura Callaghan's badass girls have been making waves in print and online.

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Since leaving Kingston University in London with an MA in illustration in 2010, Laura Callaghan has kept very busy. The Irish illustrator went on to be the illustration editor at the gorgeous Oh Comely Magazine from 2010-2013, worked for a number of high-profile clients including Nylon Magazine and The Debrief, and has been featured in publications like Juxtapoz, The Huffington Post, and Magculture. Looking at her incredibly vibrant, comic book pop art makes it easy to see why.

The constant in Callaghan’s illustrations, regardless of what they might be for, is women: powerful women drenched and surrounded in blitzkriegs of sharp color, engaging in everyday activities from painting nails to raiding fridges to playing video games. Using a mix of watercolor, India ink, and isograph pen, Callaghan creates a vivacious, brilliantly saturated, and female-focused world—one that isn’t readily forgotten.

Find more of Laura Callaghan’s work at her portfolio and on Instagram.

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