Watch as Camille Lévêque photographs the photographer

Camille Lévêque blurs the lines between subject and photographer through this unique photo series.

Camille Lévêque is a French visual artist and photographer based in Los Angeles. The self taught artist, who shoots in both digital and film, is the co-founder of Orpheus Standing Alone, a publishing house for the work of both herself and her sister Anna, as well as the co-founder and art director of LIVE WILD Collective, a visual arts community comprised of seven artists from six different countries.

Lévêque has shared her series I Want To Watch You Watch with Format Magazine. Each image is comprised of a pairing—a figure observing and the scene observed, pulling apart subject-object relations and creating a new space to consider both the role of the viewer and the subjectivity of the camera. In her own words, Lévêque is “observing people a lot, and watching them watch things. And as I do that, somebody is watching me, maybe.”