Palms away: Erin Simkin captures the vibrancy of the desert

With pastel skylines and neon signs, photographer Erin Simkin transports you to the seemingly timeless Palm Springs, Calfornia.

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Originally hailing from Vancouver on Canada’s beautiful west coast, Erin Simkin has recently been making her mark on the other side of the country in Toronto with work featured in publications like En Route, Toronto Life, and Fashion Magazine. But editorial work is hardly the only vessel of her art. Simkin’s photography seeps into many different worlds, ranging from her crystal clear, evocative portraits to on set stills for feature films. She’s also done lookbooks for local Toronto shops like Calica Studio and Easy Tiger, and keeps her Instagram account stocked with extra glimpses into her exciting work life.

But her personal photo series are where Simkin’s personality shines through. One of her latest, The Palms, is an escape to Palm Springs, California, highlighting the serenity of the desert city through its brilliant but calm pastels, blue (and pink and seafoam) sky backdrops, bare, rocky terrain, and of course, palm trees and cacti. The photos that reveal the presence of civilization paint it as stuck in past generations—one of neon lights, classic cars, and simple storefronts. It makes a compelling case for desert desolation as your next major destination.



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