Rima Sater: Not your typical vacation photos

Canadian photographer Rima Sater creates a surreal paradise through her vibrant, delightfully eclectic images.

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Canadian photographer-cum-multimedia artist Rima Sater uses palms, pools and paradise to express her stylish vision of the “permanent vacation”. The vivid colours and surrealist geometry of her images create a world of alien luxury far removed from the daily trudge. A recent residency at Concordia’s FoFA Gallery found Sater expanding her practice to include more experimental and performance based elements.

Although the images below were collected from different series, they all effortless communicate Sater’s particular visual motifs, themes and inspirations. She is heavily influenced by “highly saturated colours, architecture, landscapes; Sometimes the photos are staged, sometimes candid—I prefer shooting found objects and my surroundings rather than people most of the time. We often overlook the things that make up these sets of our day-to-day lives.”




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