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Vol. III of EyeEm Magazine Features Only Women Photographers

The latest edition of EyeEm Magazine celebrates women in the arts—with no studios, no spotlights and no retouching.

Released this month, By Women is the title and theme of EyeEm Magazine‘s third issue. It’s part of the company’s mandate to represent the real lives of real women through talented female photographers. In a world of over-Photoshopped images, this magazine is an elegant and beautiful disruption.

Ranging in age from 15 to 51, all of the photographers in By Women are from EyeEm’s community. If you’re not familiar, EyeEm is an app that connects 15 million photographers and allows them to sell their work. This is where art meets dollar signs.

By Women is available online. Use the promo code EYEEMBLOG at checkout for $5 off your purchase.

EyeEm will also be giving away copies in Missions (download the app to find out more) and in social contests through their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

If you’re in Berlin, you can RSVP to By Women’s launch party here.

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