Best Slideshow Website Design Templates

Slideshow designs can increase user engagement and showcase your creative work. Here’s how you can leverage slideshow website templates to help you get noticed.

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If you’re new to professional website design, it’s good to start with a foundation that’s tried and true. Slideshow websites, true to their name, feature tile design where users “slide” from one tile to the other to navigate content. This design can be a portion or even the basis for the website.

A slideshow website design can provide functionalities website visitors don’t have to spend time getting familiar with while still giving you flexibility with the overall look and feel. Slideshow websites are favored by photographers because they put visual content front and center.

What is a Website Design Template?

First of all, a website design template is a blueprint for the design and functionality of a website. Using a website template gives you a complete layout that helps your work stand out among the competition, no coding required.

Format’s website templates come in a variety of layouts and offer the plug-and-play ability for creative professionals looking for a hands-off design experience, and customization options like sticky or fixed navigation on certain templates for those looking for a more bespoke design.

Website templates make it easy for anyone, whether with or without coding knowledge, to build a stunning website. Not only are they super easy to use, but they are also highly customizable to suit your personal or business needs.

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  1. What type of purpose is your header going to serve and how much of a central role do you want it to play in content navigation?

  2. Do you want to have complete control over the order in which the visitor views your work, or do you want them to have freedom in navigating the side?

  3. Have you completed a quick audit of other photography website designs for ideas of functionalities and features?

  4. Does the website template support e-commerce capabilities?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you will be in a better place to decide what type of template is best suited for your needs. Alternatively, if you don’t know where to begin, a slideshow template is a go-to choice for many creative professionals like photographers. You can learn about this type of website design below.

Why is Having an Online Photography Portfolio Important?

Arguably, there is no other industry where having a portfolio matters more than in photography. Your professional website is one of the first places potential clients visit to get an understanding of your creative style and your range of work. As a result, it’s essential that what they find is representative of you as a photographer and makes it easy to find the information visitors are looking for. In addition, a personal portfolio website:

  • Increases your discoverability online

  • Builds credibility on your behalf

  • Lets you control your brand image

  • Grooms qualified leads

In sum, having an online presence in the form of a personal portfolio website is an absolute must for photographers wishing to catch the attention of new clients.

What is Slideshow Website Design?

Format templates are geared at visual-forward audiences, so they offer a wide variety of gallery designs, including Horizontal Scroll, Tiled, Vertical Scroll, Fullscreen and Slideshow. While each offers its own advantages, this article will focus on the Slideshow templates in particular.

A slider website is one where the primary way the visitor navigates content is reminiscent of the user experience of a PowerPoint presentation. In this website layout, the user travels the website by means of slides that gate or group content. For some slider designs, the landing page is the only photo slideshow element. For others, each visual piece of content is part of its own scrollable slideshow gallery.

Slider websites put the focus on your work one large image at a time, with a row or column of smaller thumbnails and suit any image orientation that is easy to navigate. This is why slider websites are perfect for creative professionals because they take the visitor – or potential client – on a journey of their work.

What Slideshow Website Templates Do Best

Gallery template navigation – of which slider is just one option — all have their own benefits. When it comes to web slideshow website designs, they deliver the following advantages:

  • They are a compact way of showcasing high volumes of images

  • They allow for visual sequencing of content (new content can be easily prioritized over old)

  • Slider images that move encourage engagement with content and increase total time spent on your site

  • Longer amounts of time spent on your site also help its SEO rankings

As you can see, slideshow templates are a compelling way to display portfolio work for anyone working in a visual or creative industry. But rest assured, this tried and true website layout doesn’t mean it has to be boring or predictable.

Best Slideshow Templates

As a creative professional portfolio site, Format knows that having an impactful professional website is essential for anyone working in the creative industry. That’s why its range of slideshow website designs offers a wide range of functionalities and aesthetics to choose from. Below are just some of the slideshow template options available:

Format Website Template Line
Format Website Template Fabric
Format Website Template Carousel
Format Website Template Foray
Format Website Template Lightbox
Format Website Template Grace
Format Website Template Chroma
Format Website Template Cover
Format Website Template Daylight
Format Website Template Vignette

By now, you know what to expect from a slideshow website design, and should be in a good place to decide whether this layout is the right choice for your photography portfolio. If you’re still unsure, check out other Format website templates, including Horizontal Scroll, Tiled, Vertical Scroll and Fullscreen layouts.

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