The 10 Best Photography Portfolio Examples of 2021

This article provides photography portfolio examples using different templates from photographers of all experience levels to inspire your own portfolio.

July 13, 2021

It’s no surprise that photography portfolios are known for being visually impactful. Being a creative industry, each individual chooses their photographer portfolio template carefully. Finding the right template for your photography portfolio can seem daunting. Check out the following illustration portfolio website examples to discover how you can leverage Format’s customizable templates to stand out in the crowd with a stunning portfolio. 

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João Nunes da Silva

Theme used: Slate

João Nunes da Silva is a freelance nature photographer, journalist who started his career in 1991. When João was starting out as an ornithologist, it was then that his interest in nature photography arose. João has photographed and published countless stories. He published four books on Portuguese nature, as well as produced some photographic exhibitions on the same theme. Some of his photographs have also been awarded prizes.
desktop browser window frameCharmaine de Heij
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Charmaine de Heij

Theme used: Grace

Charmaine de Heij is a photographer based between Berlin and Amsterdam. Charmaine investigates with her artistic work personal and contested histories. The work takes the form of photographs which often include still-life and portraiture. She reflects with photography on contemporary issues that also concern her on a personal level. Charmaine examines the incomprehension of the world we live in today and the occurrences close to her.
desktop browser window frameAlexander Mercadefe
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Alexander Mercadefe

Theme used: Clarity

Alexander Mercadefe, born in 1993, is a 27-year-old freelance photographer based in Crestline, California. He specializes in portraiture, documentary, behind-the-scenes, music, still-life, commercial, event, and fashion photography. He is self-taught and began picking up a camera when he was 14-years-old, and now has 11 years of experience with film and digital photography. His passion is telling stories through the images he shoots and believes each person he captures has a story to tell.
desktop browser window frameDanyelle Rolla
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Danyelle Rolla

Theme used: Capture

Born and raised in Liverpool in the 1980s and her background in the military, Danyelle Farrell (ROLLA) is a social documentary photographer whose practice explores the contemporary British class system and its mis/representation. Focusing on empowering the average, Danyelle uses playful presentation, aimed at engaging non-traditional audiences, to document the every day and challenge stereotypes employed by the media that so often demonize the working class.
desktop browser window frameErik Hoffman
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Erik Hoffman

Theme used: Clarity

Erik Hoffman is a photographer and designer for a renowned outerwear brand, 686. Erik is a vital member of Transworld's 30-Under-30 list, constantly churning out meaningful personal projects with his various explorations into different post-processing techniques, looking at negatives in a new light, and constantly exploring his photography beyond megapixels and action frames.
desktop browser window frameRyan Prince
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Ryan Prince

Theme used: Carousel

Ryan Prince is a documentary and portrait photographer based in London. Ryan uses the camera as a tool to explore themes that revolve around his own identity as a black British male from the Jamaican diaspora.
desktop browser window frameMegan Mack
phone window frameMegan Mack
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Megan Mack

Theme used: Skyline

Megan Mack, who was born in 1986, is an MFA graduate from Pratt Institute in New York. She has worked predominantly as a portrait photographer and research-based environmental interdisciplinary artist. In 2018 she co-created a photography collective with photographer and activist Sina Basila.

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