The Best Web Design Portfolio Examples of 2023

A web design portfolio that displays your expertise is essential to boost your career prospects. Check out these intriguing web design portfolios for inspiration to create yours.

April 11, 2023

Your web design portfolio is a visual representation of your skills, creative prowess, and distinctiveness. It gives potential clients and employers an overview of your expertise and personality. 

The best portfolio websites also contain information about who you are, contact details, and what you do. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced web designer, your web design portfolio is your first shot at selling yourself.

Having understood what a web design portfolio entails, the next hurdle to overcome is to create one – not just anyone, but one that distinguishes you from the crowd. Thankfully, we have curated different online design portfolio websites to give you insights into creating a compelling web design portfolio.

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desktop browser window frameMarius Wilkens-Zimmermann desktop
phone window frameMarius Wilkens-Zimmermann mobile
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Marius Wilkens-Zimmermann

Theme used: Frame

Marius Wilkens-Zimmermann is a multi-disciplinary digital artist creating CGI for the world of cosmetics, products, and packaging. Based in Paraguay, South America, Marius brings invaluable studio and agency experience providing high end visuals for advertising clients. Specializing in the combination of CGI with 3D rendering, and post production retouching, Marius merges his artistic skills with technical accuracy to increase production value exponentially.
desktop browser window frameEarly Cloud Design desktop
phone window frameEarly Cloud Design mobile
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Early Cloud Design

Theme used: Order

Early Cloud Design Integration Limited is a creative design integration company from Macau. The designer members are mainly from Macau, Taiwan and Malaysia. Their work focuses on using rigorous market research and analysis methods, unique design methods, and innovative thinking to help customers successfully develop their brand business.
desktop browser window frameTena Tso desktop
phone window frameTena Tso mobile
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Tena Tso

Theme used: Ora

Tena is a talented designer whose collective work has been recognized with various International accolades and awards. With a passion for design, Tena is a natural collaborator and has worked with a library of noteworthy clients.
desktop browser window frameRachel Eck desktop
phone window frameRachel Eck mobile
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Rachel Eck

Theme used: Order

Rachel Eck is a designer and letterer from the NY/NJ metro area. She earned her art degree from Rutgers University and went on to work across many design mediums over the past 15 years. Starting in Brooklyn at a boutique custom font and typesetting shop in Park Slope, Rachel went on to do international brand guidelines, campaigns and event activations with brands like Verizon, Citi bike and Lyft.
desktop browser window frameEszter Zámori desktop
phone window frameEszter Zámori mobile
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Eszter Zámori

Theme used: Ora

Eszter has been a contemporary jewellery designer for more than 10 years. Eszter’s jewelry is made of materials that stand the test of time: precious metals, gemstones, and exotic wood. Eszter believes that an object prepared with the utmost attention will preserve the imprint of the moment years to come. The materials Eszter uses encapsulate just that. Eszter believes that the purpose of jewelry is to slow down time, to awaken passion, and to provide pleasure, just like a piece of candy.
desktop browser window frameBaşak Kılıçbeyli desktop
phone window frameBaşak Kılıçbeyli mobile
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Başak Kılıçbeyli

Theme used: Horizon Left

Basak Kilicbeyli is from Istanbul, Turkey, and was born in Moscow, Russia in 1992. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from Yeditepe University in 2015. Until 2019, she worked as a freelance Graphic Designer. After earned a merit scholarship from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2019, she came to the US and got her MFA degree in Studio Art in 2021. Basak Kilicbeyli currently lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
desktop browser window frameTonica Pitman desktop
phone window frameTonica Pitman mobile
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Tonica Pitman

Theme used: Array

Founder of TYPFFE, Tonicia Pitman is a designer, mom of two, and successful businesswoman. When she started TYPFFE, she set out to discover what would make her clothing different than every other clothing brand. The result is trendy designs that are fit for the everyday working woman, whether she is a mother or a boss lady juggling many projects. TYPFFE provides clothing that gives you the freedom to go about your business comfortably, while still looking great.
desktop browser window frameMichael Lomon desktop
phone window frameMichael Lomon mobile
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Michael Lomon

Theme used: Ora

Michael is a London-based Motion Graphics Designer, Illustrator, and Comic Book Artist. Michael is the creator of the Palace of Tears web comic and other fantastical fictions. In addition, he is the designer, animator, and often director of a whole host of animated shorts. These are produced for broadcast, web, and social. Big on After Effects and Cinema 4D, Michael’s favorite projects allow for a more organic approach to motion, with plenty of texture, and unusual aesthetics.
desktop browser window frameEunah Ainslie desktop
phone window frameEunah Ainslie mobile
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Eunah Ainslie

Theme used: Peak

Eunah is a Designer and a Creative Consultant with extensive experience in Fashion, Illustration, and Art Direction. Eunah specializes in designing apparel, prints, patterns, and textiles. Through Eunah’s international work with design teams and production facilities, Eunah has built a broad understanding of the design and production processes. These range from raw material sourcing to retail display, to point-of-sale in both high fashion, and corporate environments.
desktop browser window frameRhea Jeong desktop
phone window frameRhea Jeong mobile
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Rhea Jeong

Theme used: Kiln

Rhea Jeong is a creative professional with an eye for precision. Originally from Seoul, Rhea is an industrial designer currently based in San Francisco.
desktop browser window frameCarla Gine desktop
phone window frameCarla Gine mobile
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Carla Gine

Theme used: Daylight

Carla studied Arts and has a Degree in Fashion Design, and a Master’s in Research in Art and Design. More specifically, she is focused on researching Aesthetics through design. In 2016, Carlia started focusing on how fashion can be changed by using aesthetic capacites. In 2017, Carla presented Methamophos in the context of Alicante Fashion Week. In 2019, Carlia showed a dress at the TerrassaTextile Museum. In 2020, Carla received a grant for artistic research in Konvent and released ECHO.
desktop browser window frameAna Alirangues desktop
phone window frameAna Alirangues mobile
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Ana Alirangues

Theme used: Foreground

Ana Alirangues holds a Professional Master’s Degree(M.Arch) and a Bachelor (B.Arch) in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM). Since 2015, Alirangues has combined academic activity with a professional career, working on the design of a wide variety of buildings. These include custom-made residences, renovation projects, restaurants, and hotels.
desktop browser window frameAdrián León Brenes desktop
phone window frameAdrián León Brenes mobile
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Adrián León Brenes

Theme used: Horizon Left

Adrián León Brenes is a San José-based architect and urban designer. Brenes graduates from University of Costa Rica. In his work, he has always sought to confront design problems through innovative solutions, clear strategies, and the systemization of the different tasks and components that compromise a project.
desktop browser window frameAntoni Dalewski desktop
phone window frameAntoni Dalewski mobile
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Antoni Dalewski

Theme used: Shift

Antoni Dalewski is a graphic designer based in Mississauga, ON. Antoni recently graduated from York Univesity/Sheridan College with an Honours Bachelor in Design. His specialties include editorial design, content creation, packaging and apparel design.
desktop browser window frameClaire Shadomy desktop
phone window frameClaire Shadomy mobile
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Claire Shadomy

Theme used: Clarity

Claire Shadomy is an illustrator and designer currently living in Asheville, NC. She makes brands feel like friends and websites look like parties. She likes creating stories about women and their plants and the dogs they pet and all the ways they come to love themselves.
desktop browser window frameDawn Button desktop
phone window frameDawn Button mobile
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Dawn Button

Theme used: Dusk

Dawn Button is a highly experienced freelance senior graphic designer based in Mornington, Victoria, Australia. She currently offers professional graphic design and photo restoration and compositing services using the Adobe Suite. Dawn is particularly passionate about photo restoration and digital art and the perpetual challenge of taking ideas to the next level.
desktop browser window frameDanilo Deluxo desktop
phone window frameDanilo Deluxo mobile
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Danilo Deluxo

Theme used: Order

Danilo Deluxo is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer. As an Afrofuturist, his work explores the relationship between humans and dreams. Influenced by graffiti art from a young age, Danilo’s work has been featured in various group exhibitions since 2010. He has also worked with various community groups, such as The Remix Project and Under the Radar/The LOFT.
desktop browser window frameTaylor Russo desktop
phone window frameTaylor Russo mobile
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Taylor Russo

Theme used: Sierra

Taylor Russo is a Kansas City-based graphic designer, with experience designing for a variety of different mediums — including print, digital, commercial design, and branding. Taylor has worked for marketing agencies across the Kansas City area, as well as clients located across North America.
desktop browser window frameANGLE visual integration desktop
phone window frameANGLE visual integration mobile
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ANGLE visual integration

Theme used: Spruce

ANGLE visual integration was founded in 2010 in Taiwan. They are a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio, whose work covers brand identity and development. They have also received many awards and recognitions — including the Good Design Award, the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award, and best of the best — the DFA Design for Asia Award, Golden Bee.
desktop browser window frameSarah Scott desktop
phone window frameSarah Scott mobile
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Sarah Scott

Theme used: Sierra

Sarah Scott specializes in dynamic graphics, illustrations, and thing-making. She loves design in every form and is always looking to learn and grow her skills. Her passion is creating beautiful things, which is why she’d love to help your ideas come to life.
desktop browser window frameSean Rodwell desktop
phone window frameSean Rodwell mobile
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Sean Rodwell

Theme used: Fullframe

Walt is the graphic design arm of Aeriform, founded by Sean Rodwell. This graphic design division is packed with t-shirt designs, product designs, packaging, and more. From music festival t-shirt to company collaboration, Walt creates designs for a variety of clients that are used across different products.
desktop browser window frameAlice Picard desktop
phone window frameAlice Picard mobile
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Alice Picard

Theme used: Kiln

Alice Picard is a graphic designer, illustrator, and visual artist. She completed a degree in graphic design in Montreal (UQAM) after doing a semester in Strasbourg (HEAR). Her rather eclectic approach is characterized by the versatility and the experimental side of her graphic approaches. Alice’s work usually flirts with the hybrid of several techniques, to infuse meaning into each project. She is based in Montreal and likes the color yellow a little bit too much.
desktop browser window frameKyle Poff desktop
phone window frameKyle Poff mobile
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Kyle Poff

Theme used: Sierra

Kyle Poff specializes in creating brand identities, packaging, brand strategy, illustration, and hand lettering. He says that almost every single job he receives is from a referral from someone else he’s done business with or from his graphic design portfolio — which is great, because it means he’s never had to scout for work! Right now, he is constantly trying to diversify his work with different styles because he “can't concentrate on one thing for too long.”
desktop browser window frameTino desktop
phone window frameTino mobile
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Theme used: Amazon

Tino is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. He loves to create portraits of people in his own style and create “cool editorial designs”. Tino’s work involves simplifying complex themes, with a “less is more” approach. He encourages you to have fun and consume his stuff.
desktop browser window framePeter Hershey desktop
phone window framePeter Hershey mobile
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Peter Hershey

Theme used: Kiln

Peter Hershey builds brands and tells stories — primarily using design and photography. He likes his work to be as simple and clean as possible, with an emphasis on people.
desktop browser window frameStuart Chapman desktop
phone window frameStuart Chapman mobile
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Stuart Chapman

Theme used: Detail

Stuart (Stu) Chapman is an award-winning designer and visual storyteller who specializes in graphic design, creative branding, art direction, project curation, photography, video, and more across a wide range of mediums. Stu is highly passionate about connecting with “like-minded humans” and puts community and purpose at the forefront of his work.
desktop browser window frameJeoffrey Cheung desktop
phone window frameJeoffrey Cheung mobile
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Jeoffrey Cheung

Theme used: Peak

Jeoffrey Cheung is a graphic designer and photographer living in Las Vegas. Fully self-taught, he has always pushed himself to learn various mediums of programs and art. Currently, he works for a creative agency called Artisans On Fire — which he says has validated his ability to learn and compete in the industry. He seeks to inspire people that a career in design is not limited by lack of a degree, but more so possible if you believe hard enough and put in the work.
desktop browser window frameDavid Alderman desktop
phone window frameDavid Alderman mobile
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David Alderman

Theme used: Ora

David Alderman is a graphic designer originally from Boston, MA, and currently based in San Diego, CA. His portfolio includes colorful and original designs for various local brands such as Grit Coffee, Revolution Roasters, Aquatic Brewing, Satchmo’s Throat Coat, and more.
desktop browser window frameNina Raj desktop
phone window frameNina Raj mobile
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Nina Raj

Theme used: Peak

Nina Raj is a multi-disciplinary designer and photographer with a background in mission-driven advertising. Her interests lie at the crossroads of music and social change, with a focus on intersectional womxn’s rights and LGBTQIA+ activism. She likes to deliver creative solutions for companies that lead with their values.
desktop browser window frameRazane Hanna desktop
phone window frameRazane Hanna mobile
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Razane Hanna

Theme used: Shift

Razane Hanna is a UX/UI Designer with a background in landscape architecture. Raz's work and design puts users at the center of every project she undertakes. She strives to create exciting and innovative products that people love to use while bringing aesthetic value and attention to detail to the table.

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