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April 09, 2015 asked, photographers answered: What would you do with more time?

Toronto, ON — April 9, 2015 — Today, online portfolio platform Format unveils the results of a new survey surrounding photographer ambitions, alongside a series of product improvements. Highlighting the timesaving properties of its new tools — including the all-new Format Publisher for Adobe® Lightroom® — the survey interviewed photographers on the value of their time. Answers not only included what they would do with extra time, but what they would trade for it as well.

“We constantly ask ourselves: how can we help propel the careers of creative professionals?” explains Format CEO and Co-Founder, Lukas Dryja. “Our new integration with Lightroom and platform updates will help a photographer streamline their workflow and reclaim their workday, so they can focus on their priorities.”

What Matters

A resounding 34% of the 526 polled photographers stated that if they were magically granted four extra hours at work today, they would spend the time on photo shoots. 22% would market their services and 11% would get back to editing their photos. 28% indicated that “producing more work” is their top goal for 2015, followed by securing new clients and expanding their network. “Marketing my work”, “finding new clients”, and “work/life balance” were referenced as the most anticipated challenges for the year.

Time is Clearly in Demand

Format asked photographers: What would you trade in exchange for four extra hours at work today?

“I am a huge ‘foodie’, but I would still trade my lunch… maybe even my dinner too.” Randy Bacon -

“My car.” Steven Mills -

“I would trade a pair of shoes for four extra hours.” Caleb Alvarado -

“I would trade almost anything but if I had to choose it would probably be one of my toes.” Nue Chanthavongsay -

“My chair.” Pascal Perich -

“My Netflix account and daily coffee.” Stephanie Aaronson -

“My iPhone. That’s a hard sacrifice to ask of anyone!” Daniel Erny -

And: You’re magically granted 4 hours to dedicate to your profession. How would you spend it?

“I would like to spend more time expanding my portfolio and learning new techniques.” Phillis Kwentoh -

“Go outside. Meet with people who inspire me. More face to face connection.” Kara Mortellite -

“I’m in love with video but it always falls second to photography due to a lack of time and resources. I’d use those 4 hours to start shooting short films.” Iskander Ben Amor -

“Go out and shoot! I don’t have enough hours in the day to do what I love.” Melissa Neira -

Watch photographers respond live.

What’s New

Welcoming photographers to streamline their process and save time, Format Publisher for Lightroom officially launches today. Using the free plug-in, the Format community can effortlessly publish work to their online portfolio directly from the Adobe post-processing software. Functions include:

  • Publish images directly to a gallery page
  • Create new gallery pages and customize titles and URLs
  • Sync image edits

​Format’s web platform has seen numerous improvements, making it easier for the creative professional to manage their online presence in one place. These include:

  • Improved accessibility and image discovery via the all-new alt text editor
  • Greater opportunity for engagement with blog comments
  • Quick-and-easy promotion through an integrated social sharing tool

In January, Format launched Kredo , a premier presentation tool and social network for creative professionals. A modern replacement to the traditional portfolio, the free iPad app allows users to quickly import projects from their Format site to create custom presentations and slideshows. They can publish those same portfolios to the in-app Discover Network with the tap of a single button, reaching an international community of peers and prospective clients.

“I’m proud to say our toolset is ever-growing. Not only can creative professionals showcase their work, but now, they can publish, present, share, discuss and promote it,” Dryja concludes.

Learn more about the platform improvements and download Format Publisher for Lightroom:

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