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February 04, 2016

Cheeky Website Illustrates the Daily Habits of a Modern Creative

2015 survey results reveal most used emoji, takeout vices, sexual partners stats and more

Toronto, ON — February 4, 2016 — Format , a leading online portfolio platform for creative professionals, releases the results of its 2015 year end survey today in the form of a light-hearted graphic narrative, illustrated by Canadian commercial artist Sam Island.

Showcasing the quirks and perks of living a creative lifestyle, How to Live Like a Creative is a new step-by-step guide to living creatively, built off the daily habits of more than 2000 photographers, designers, illustrators, artists and filmmakers.

Chronicling how creative people spend their time, hour by hour, the results shatter the all-too-familiar disorganized, ‘starving artist' stereotype, depicting a group of confident, business-minded, active individuals that are passionate about their crafts. United beyond a penchant for spectacles and motorcycle jackets, they’re driven by the need to express themselves (40%) and maintain a sense of achievement (31%).

An overview of interesting findings:

  • The majority of creatives enjoy their work: when presented with winning the lottery, 36% of respondents said they would first start a passion project, while 20% would start their own business.
  • The nomad exists, but he/she is a rare breed: 6% of respondents prefer to wander or travel, over having a permanent address.
  • That said, creatives are global citizens: on average, respondents travelled 39 days each year. Japan, Iceland, the United States, Italy and France were noted as the top 5 countries respondents would like to travel to next. 64% speak more than one language.
  • Flexible work environments are enjoyed: 45% work from home, and 65% work from 2 or more spaces each week.
  • The digital space is as much their reality as the physical: 88% have a website, 45% consumed online articles more than books and magazines combined, and 71% check social media once every hour or more frequently.
  • They don’t live like the reckless rockers they’re often portrayed as: 67% wake up between 6am and 8:59am, 72% eat 3 to 5 meals a day, 82% don’t smoke and 66% are tattoo free.
  • The majority of creatives are monogamous: 60% are in a relationship, engaged or married, and 57% had 1 sexual partner in 2015.

Island, a witty Toronto-based illustrator who’s been awarded by American Illustration and lists The New York Times, The New Yorker, Time, Monocle and Businessweek amongst his clients, teamed up with Format to visualize 10 everyday scenarios from the survey responses.

What do creatives write with? What emojis do they use most? What takeout do they pine over? Find out at

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