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Every Format site comes with proofing, blogging, SEO, social media tools, and an online store so you have everything you need to display your work brilliantly and grow your business.

Make Money with Your Online Store

Make Money with Your Online Store

Share and sell your work all in one place with your online store. Sell all kinds of products directly from your art portfolio website. We never charge transaction fees, so you keep 100% of what you sell.

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Easy to Build, Fully Customizable

Easy to Build, Fully Customizable

Build your art website in minutes with our intuitive editor—no coding required. Want to go further? You can personalize your site with custom themes and customize even more with the CSS and HTML code editor.

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Create a Visual Identity

Create a Visual Identity

Little details matter. Make your mark and keep your look cohesive with a custom domain, logo, and favicon that shows who you are as an artist.

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Fully responsive themes, pages, and layouts

Your art website will wow prospective clients with themes, pages, and layouts designed for a mobile-first experience. Your site will be optimized for viewing across all devices and platforms: from high-res desktops to laptops and smartphones.

Portfolio on the go

Take your portfolio where you go with our free iOS app. Create or edit galleries directly from your phone, write and publish blog posts from the app, and share your work wherever you are.

Personal, 24/7 support

Our team will create personalized how-to videos, guide you on your screen, and talk you through anything you need to know one-on-one. We’re creators like you and we take helping Format users very seriously.

Art Portfolio Examples

Donald Jacob

“Donald Jacob, architect, ecologist, studied fine arts at the Schule für Gestaltung Basel. He works with a wide variety of medias from photography, painting, sculpture, video and performances. Donald was one of the first to start with computer technology and is considered a pioneer in the digital movement. Early in his career he created interactive expositions by filming visitors or creating kinetic art in responding with the viewer. He is an observer of people - the world ”

Theme: Horizon Left

Isabel Wedekind

“Isabel Wedekind is an aspiring artist attending OCAD University to pursue her dream of becoming an art therapist. Wedekind’s practise consists of drawings and oil paintings, figurative work mostly, which convey a certain truth that one may find telling or emotional. Wedekind’s work has been featured in local newspapers and has taken part in art festivals such as Hamilton’s annual Supercrawl. After completing her bachelors in Fine Arts Isabel plans find a placement in a correctional facility.”

Theme: Obsidian

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