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What kind of creative are you?

What is your brain hiding? Answer 4 simple questions and the world’s premier expert on creativity, Dr. Luova Dahl, will delve into the deepest recesses of your brain to determine what kind of creative mind you possess.

Okay, so she might not be a real doctor, or even a real person, but by answering a few simple questions you can find out what part of your brain controls your creativity. Get diagnosed now.


Few Can Do What You Do

We believe that creative minds are scientifically better than the average Susan or Dave. Whether it’s parkour or botany, the dark arts or mixology; whether you’re a photographer or model, illustrator or designer, the facts are clear—you are better. Follow the link below to see why you are one of The Few.


Introducing Our Biggest Update Ever: The New Format

We’ve been working for over a year to simplify your workflow, streamline your updates and make your website portfolio more effective.

Exclusive to the new Format, we’re making available:

  • Two of our most unique themes to date.
  • Collections—a new way to seamlessly organize your work.
  • Even greater control—review all your edits before they go live on your portfolio.


Bulk Smash! New Proofing Features

We’ve made your workflow that much faster with our newly improved Format Proofing Tools! Keep your clients happy with quicker turn-arounds using our latest updates to your Proofing dashboard—including powerful filtering, sorting options, bulk delete and more!