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Format Galleries Version 1.4 App Update

Version 1.4 of the Format Galleries iPhone App features the ability to manage your site menu, completely on-the-go. Control how and where your gallery pages appear from within your Format Galleries App, and your online portfolio will be automatically updated with your changes. Create gallery pages like never before.

Download the Free Format Galleries iPhone App


Mica: A Theme To Tell Your Story

Say hello to our most compelling theme yet. With Theme Mica, you can now present your work in a captivating layout which mimics an editorial-style feature from a magazine. Edit images, videos, text and captions throughout the gallery page to create your custom story.

Mica’s features include:

  • A complex, editorial-style masonry layout
  • The ability to feature custom headline and text options throughout gallery pages
  • Seamless integration of both image and video content into one compelling story
  • A fully responsive design

Try Mica now to showcase your work in an evolving visual story.


How to Manage Your Creative Business

Format’s latest guide, How To Manage Your Creative Business, in partnership with Freshbooks, is all about turning your creative passion into a profession.

In How To Manage Your Creative Business, you’ll learn:

  • How to correctly price your services
  • Best client invoicing practices
  • How to handle unhappy clients
  • Tips for filing and organizing your taxes

Download How to Manage Your Creative Business for free now at the link below.


Format Galleries Version 1.3 App Update

Our latest update of the Format Galleries iPhone App allows you to even further edit your Format Gallery pages completely on the go. With Version 1.3 you can now add captions as you upload images to your gallery pages, and can also update captions for the images you have already added.

The Format Galleries iPhone App is free on the Apple App Store.