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All Format Themes Now Mobile

It’s official—every website theme on Format is fully responsive and looks great on mobile and tablet devices. From Sierra to Amazon, you can be confident that your work is professionally displayed on every screen. Make sure to update your theme to the latest version to see your mobile-friendly portfolio.


Use Dropbox, Use Format

Dropbox is one of our favorite tools for backing up files and collaborating with partners. Now with a brand new add-on, you can post your Dropbox images directly to your Format portfolio. Simply choose the Dropbox icon when you click “Add Images” from your dashboard and upload in a flash.

If you don’t have a Dropbox account yet, click the link below to register for 2GB of free space.


InFrame Presents Zun Lee

In this episode of InFrame, filmmaker Bas Berkhout explores the streets of NYC from Zun Lee’s perspective. Watch Lee speak about his difficult childhood, his journey from physician to photographer, and search for his biological father. It’s an emotional story of the people who inspire us, and betray us.


How to Build the Perfect Online Portfolio

What are your goals for the new year? If you want to get more clients, become internet famous and boost your creativity, it all begins with your portfolio. That’s why we wrote a guide full of essential tips and tricks. The best part? It’s free to download on Format Magazine.

Download your free copy of “How to Build the Perfect Online Portfolio” to learn:

  • How to establish your online presence
  • Which portfolio theme is the best for your work
  • Why you need to curate your work
  • The 5 rules to attracting clients to your portfolio


InFrame Presents Solmaz Saberi

Our latest InFrame video documentary goes behind the scenes with fashion photographer Solmaz Saberi. Watch her incredible journey from hair styling to fashion photography—plus, all the celebrities (Amber Rose, Miguel, Paris Hilton) along the way.