Our Design Editor has been fully updated this month, with a range of improvements aimed at making editing your site easier than ever before. We’ve streamlined the process of theme customization, so that now colors and fonts can be changed across your entire site with just a few clicks. We’ve also made it easier to organize pages, add logos, try out different theme presets, and adjust theme-specific variables, with a brand-new sidebar that optimizes your editing workflow.

Not only does our new sidebar do more for you, it also looks better. The updated sidebar can be set to a dark or light color depending on your preference, and we’ve refreshed the icons as well for a sleeker look overall. Beyond the aesthetic updates, though, the goal of the new sidebar is to save you major time editing perfecting your website. You’ll find the biggest improvement to that effect on your pages list. We’ve made adjustments to speed up the process of editing and ordering your pages. You can now easily edit cover photos for each page right from your pages list. We’ve also made your blog, store, and proofing pages visible on your page list for greater organizational ease—now you can see all your site content at a glance right in one place.