John Margaritis: Instalación artística Hoop Dreams en Art Basel Miami Beach 2016

The latest project by New York Sunshine's John Margaritis is wet and wild.

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Basketball player, surfer and artist John Margaritis threw all of his interests in a blender to create “Hoop Dreams.” This ongoing installation project sinks basketball hoops in the ocean so that foamy waves can splash onto the free-standing sports equipment. The effect is an absurd sculpture, a found object that’s out of place.

At this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, Margaritis thwarted security to do a live installation of his “Hoop Dream” off the South Beach coast. He dragged the basketball hoop through the water under the veil of night and weighed it down with sandbags. In the morning, a discombobulated backboard rested on the blue sky’s horizon. His video “Caribbean Dreams” is almost ten minutes of the hoop standing there as white basketballs roll by, if you want to get the full effect.

Margaritis, a New York-based artist, was pretty busy for Art Basel with other projects including his “Hide Tide” installation of blue t-shirts hung in a wave-like formation and basketballs suspended in water boxes for A$AP Rocky’s clothing label VLONE.

Follow John Margaritis on Instagram @newyorksunshine.


As seen on designboom/Images via New York Sunshine/social image via @akhilsesh

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