Retratos de familia: Yodith Dammlash explora la diáspora etíope con imágenes antiguas

Yodith Dammlash mines decades of her family photo archives to create surreal images.

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En su serie The Names We Bear, Ethiopian-American photographer Yodith Dammlash collages images of her family’s past together to create multilayered images that span generations.

Dammlash looked through the photo archives of her mother’s family in Ethiopia to find photographs from decades as far back as the 1940s. “I’ve scanned and archived over 300 photographs, negatives and slides and used my family’s oral history along with my own imagined reality of the subjects, some of whom I’ve never met, as the basis for selecting which images to combine and superimpose,” she says.

The result is a series of photographs which look like exposiciones dobles, but are actually digitally collaged images. Group shots are superimposed on top of each other to create the feeling of a larger crowd—a whole family tree captured in one image. Layered retratos raise questions about identity within a family history. Does a black-and-white image of a young man and woman show a sister and brother? Or is it a mother and son, captured at different points in time?

“Not many people of my parent’s generation in the Diaspora have this wealth of old photographs, due to lack of resources or the displacement of personal items during exodus. Reworking these images allows me to make sense of the stories I’ve been told over the years, from the carefree moments to the tragedies.”

Encuentre más de Yodith Dammlash’s photography en su cartera, construida con Format.


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