Agnes Lloyd Platt: Peek inside the perfectly curated photo toolkit

With block coloring and strong lines, photographer Agnes Lloyd Platt's toolkit matches her work perfectly. Take a look.

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My diary comes everywhere — if it’s not written down, it won’t happen.

  1. Instax 210
  2. Instax Wide Film
  3. Ally Capellino Wallet
  4. Muji Mirror
  5. Rimmel Mascara
  6. Bobbi Brown Concealer
  7. Natural Lipbalm
  8. Moleskin Monthly Planner Diary
  9. Muji Ballpoint Pen
  10. Business Cards
  11. Canon 5D MkIII
  12. Canon 50mm Lens
  13. Keys
  14. Jessie Harris Rings
  15. Cafetiere (inc Coffee)
  16. Casio watch
  17. Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet (+ pen)
  18. iPhone 5
  19. Seagate Harddrive
  20. Pentax Ricoh GR
  21. Macbook Pro
  22. Jeepers Peepers Sunglasses

Who are you, and what do you make?

My name is Agnes Lloyd-Platt, and I’m photographer based in London. I work a lot in fashion and still life. I’m mainly freelance, so I can spend most days with my dog, Radish.

What do you keep on hand at all times?

I take my Ricoh GR everywhere with me; it’s got a really nice wide lens and picks up great colours. It also has an EyeFi SD card in it, so I can transfer directly to my phone while I’m out. My diary also comes everywhere — if it’s not written down, it won’t happen.


What does a typical day in your life look like — take me from start to finish.

I tend to be up earlyish and out to walk Radish in Victoria Park. My day is fairly often controlled by my extreme superstitions regarding magpies — they can make or break it for me, so if I find two it should be a good day.

If I’m not on set (which is normally in London somewhere), I’ll work on pre- or post-production from home. I tend to shoot a couple of times a week, so on the other days I’ll have a few meetings Central or East, then spend a lot of time wondering what to make for dinner. There are lots of amazing Turkish supermarkets in Mile End so I eat a lot of fresh food — and also a lot of cookie dough.

You have a huge following on Instagram — how do you turn that attention into tangible career opportunities?

I think my love of shape and colour works well on small screens, so I get quite a few emails from me with jobs here and there related to work I’ve promoted through Instagram. It’s a nice platform because you can mix work and personal items.

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