Fashion Designer Online Portfolio Website

Fashion Designer Online Portfolio Website

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Create My Fashion Design Portfolio

Every aspiring designer knows that the best way to land a job in the fashion industry is with a solid fashion portfolio. And in this day and age, no self-respecting designer should be caught dead without a portfolio website. A portfolio website is a virtual calling card, a marketing tool, and an online gallery all rolled into one.

But knowing that you need a fashion portfolio and knowing what to put in it are two very different things. Read on to find everything you'll need to build an impressive website. When you’re done, you can look through these online portfolio website templates to find one that suits your brand.

Flexible Pages and Layouts

The Benefits of Creating a Fashion Portfolio

Helps you impress potential clients in a matter of minutes. You can't get by on a CV full experience alone. You need to show potential clients and employers what you're capable of. Having a portfolio website on hand lets you instantly showcase your talents and artistic vision to everyone you meet.

Acts as your virtual calling card. More than an online gallery of your work, a portfolio website acts as a virtual calling card where site visitors can find your contact information along with links to your social media pages. You can also use your portfolio website to display awards and accolades, share press mentions and interviews, as well as discuss your creative philosophy.

Boosts your online presence. With a portfolio website, you're putting examples of your work up for everyone to see. This means that even without meeting new clients and potential employers, your portfolio website is doing free marketing for you! And by adding a search engine optimized blog, your portfolio website can climb up the search engine rankings.

Easy to Build, Fully Customizable

What Should I Include in My Fashion Design Portfolio Website?

Sketches. More common with design students, including sketches in your portfolio website can show design schools and potential clients that you're capable of conceptualizing brand new ideas. Sketches are a peek into your artistic mind and creative process. Along with your sketches, be sure to include examples of fabric swatches in your portfolio too. You want website visitors to be able to visualize your concept and understand your vision even from a simple sketch.

Finished garments and accessories. When including examples of finished garments, make sure to use high-quality photos of the clothing on a model or a mannequin. Get photos from all angles, including close-ups of important details. Lastly, don't forget to create short write-ups detailing the concept behind each design and, if you like, the process of creating it.

Styling opportunities. With styling, it's important to explain the concept or theme of the shoot and the stylistic choices you made. You can also include mood boards and examples of pegs for your shoots. Again, be sure to get high-quality photos of your styling work!

Strengthen Your Brand

How to Create an Impressive Online Fashion Design Portfolio

With Format, building a portfolio website is as easy as 6 simple steps:

  1. Sign up. Join Format and enjoy a 14-day free trial—no credit card required for new applicants.

  2. Pick a template. Choose a template that complements your work and your brand. Don't worry if you can't decide on a template just yet, you can always change or customize it later.

  3. Upload your best work. Narrow down your portfolio to at least 10 to 15 examples of your design work. Use sketches, photos of finished garments and styling.

  4. Edit your portfolio website. Add pages and galleries, edit site navigation, and create your About page where you discuss your academic and professional background, as well as your brand.

  5. Personalize your website. What is your brand like? Are you all about light and airy clothes? Or are you flashy and experimental? Edit your website's background, colors, and fonts to reflect your art.

  6. Take it further. With Format, you get tons of cool add-ons to help turn your website into a one-stop-shop! Add a blog, boost your online presence with the SEO Editor, or get an online store up and running.

Fashion Designer Portfolio FAQs

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