Fashion Design Portfolio Websites | Tips and Examples

If you want to start a career in fashion design, you'll need a website that works as hard as you do. Here are tips for making your fashion portfolio shine.

Last Updated June 17, 2021
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Rich Heaton

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Paul Rodgers

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Jennifer Mazur

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Sarah Park

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Bridget Tyrrell

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Fashion Design Portfolio Ideas: Take Professional Photos

You've worked tirelessly to bring a clothing collection from concept to its physical form. It's worth hiring or collaborating with local photographers and models to capture your work for your portfolio website for an editorial look. Professional photoshoots help elevate your artwork and show a lot of creative direction in your overall branding as a fashion designer.

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Lizz Hill

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Fashion Designer Portfolio Ideas: Share Your Creative Process

How you came to your designs is just as important as the design work itself. Be sure to add the inspirations in your portfolio pieces, such as mood boards, fabric samples, photo inspiration, sketches, digital mockups, and more. Sharing insights into your creative process gives potential employers and clients an idea into your thought process, and what it may be like to work with you.

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