The Best Fashion Design Portfolio Examples of 2024

With plenty of inspiring fashion design portfolio examples to get you started, never has there been a better time to build your own fashion design portfolio.

November 29, 2021

For many aspiring fashion designers, the idea of putting together a comprehensive portfolio can feel like an impossible task. Bringing you an extensive list of some of the top fashion design portfolio examples, we want to show you that putting together a portfolio doesn’t have to be rocket science. In fact, with our professional fashion design portfolio templates, it’s never been easier to create a professional portfolio that gets you the jobs of your dreams. Use these portfolio examples as inspiration, and we’ve got a strong suspicion you’ll feel more than ready to start creating.

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Annelieke van Halen

Theme used: Mica

Annelieke van Halen is an artisan shoemaker who is driven by a lifelong love for shoes. They create timeless designs that span the seasons. Annelieke passion for modern and contemporary art is reflected in the minimalist, clean lines of her designs. Each pair of shoes she produces is made on demand using quality leather and biodegradable materials from Italy for all her creations, resulting in footwear that exudes a high-quality finish and is ideal for lovers of sustainable products.
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Kiva Dam

Theme used: Iris

Kiva Dam is a fashion design student. Kiva constantly explores new materials from all walks of life while learning the craftsmanship of garments. Intensely focused on details they passionately play with silhouettes, shapes and expressions. Using techniques such as Lunéville-Embroidery and hand stitching with beads or sequins Kiva enjoys decorating their creations leaving them with a unique personal touch. From drawing new designs to carrying them out to perfection is what it’s all about.
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Monay Taylor

Theme used: Gloss

Monay is a fashion designer and seamstress in NYC. Raised in Flint, Michigan, she then moved to Chicago where she focused on fine and applied arts. Her passion for style, sewing, and costuming is what she's determined to keep doing.
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Gaia Lina

Theme used: Carousel

Gaia Lina is a Dutch artist living in the South of Portugal. Studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Amsterdam and has been working as an artist, designer and teacher for many years. Specialised in felting very light and delicate shawls, dresses, jackets, vests and shrouds. Design of interior items as cushions, lamps and panels with the idea to bring that beautiful natural feeling into our homes.
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Founder of TYPFFE, Tonicia Pitman is a designer, mom of two, and successful businesswoman. When she started TYPFFE, she set out to discover what would make her clothing different than every other clothing brand. The result is trendy designs that are fit for the everyday working woman, whether she is a mother or a boss lady juggling many projects. TYPFFE provides clothing that gives you the freedom to go about your business comfortably, while still looking great.
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Cristobal Eolo

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Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Cristobal Eolo migrated to the United States with his mother at a young age, and thus began his fashion journey. Always fascinated and inspired by the art, the beauty, the glamour, the obscurity, and the power of feminine energy, Cristobal designs with the ideals of Femme Wear at the forefront of his mind. He strives to create a final look that transforms the body with feminine power regardless of gender.
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FashionBoltonUni is dedicated to Fashion Design and Realisation with a commercial edge, embedding sustainability and ethical design into thought-provoking modules. Working closely with industry and creative practices, FashionBoltonUni helps students develop as independent individuals ready to work in their chosen career path.
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Alexis Walsh

Theme used: Horizon Left

Alexis Walsh is a designer and artist based in New York City. Through the exploration of emerging technologies including 3D printing and digital computational modeling, integrated with traditional handcraft, Alexis utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to push the boundaries of fashion design. Alexis's work has been exhibited in New York, Boston, Paris, London, Moscow, Madrid, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin.
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Floriane LAVRUT

Theme used: Collage

Floriane Lavrut is a French freelance designer based in Paris. She works in the fields of Fashion Design (styling, trends, etc.) and Textile Design (pattern, embroidery, etc.). In addition, she works with Illustration, including graphic design and visual identity. She believes form and function should work together in a thoughtful and sociological approach, encouraging self-expression and creativity.
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Graduating from London College of Fashion, Linxi Zhu is a Womenswear knitwear designer based in China and London. During the time when she was pursuing her BA Fashion Textiles Knit in London College of Fashion, Linxi always challenges the traditional ways of knitting and establishes a new perception of how knitted textiles can be created through the combination of unconventional materials with yarns.
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Louise Desoeuvre

Theme used: Horizon

Louise Desoeuvre is a French Fashion Designer. With a passion for storytelling and archives, she aims to create meaningful and powerful designs. Louise studied her BA in Fashion Design at Bath Spa University. She had always been focused on how cultural heritage can be preserved and endlessly reinterpreted. Passionate about the meaning of dress in relation to culture, her research is grounded in sociology, fashion, anthropology, folklore and history.
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Valerie Hawkins

Theme used: Albers

Valerie Hawkins creates footwear collections for clients around the world. Over the years she has worked with many product developers, technicians and factories all over the world to design and build successful collections. Drawing on these experiences she now designs and develops shoes, on a consultancy basis, from her studio in Somerset, UK.
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