Alex McLeod’s CG Art ‘Honeymoon’

Canadian multimedia artist Alex McLeod's latest computer generated series is jaw-dropping.

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Alex Mcleod uses animation and computer generated imaging to construct impossible worlds and spaces. His practice utilizes programs such as Cinema 4D to create both still imaging and motion graphics that are seemingly limitless in their imagination. Landscapes burst with information and texture, while structures mutate into unexpected forms, favouring “inexhaustible sprawl and voracious addition.”

For his inaugural solo exhibition, titled Honeymoon, Mcleod crafted a series of images that capture a moment of perpetual flux, a “spasmodic position between becoming and dissolving, emerging and receding, generation and sterilization.” The images address the elusive image of infinity, and the tropes we rely on to express such a confounding notion. The exhibition runs from August 27 to October 10 at Division Gallery in Toronto.

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