Artist Couples: Creatives In Love Do It Better

As a creative professional, it's good to have a supportive partner—but it's great when that partner is collaborating alongside you.

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For creatives, having a romantic partner who is supportive and understanding of your career is key. Not only will there be hectic days with irregular schedules, but there will be sleepless nights when you just can’t stop working until your idea is actualized. For some creatives, having a partner who doubles as your collaborator or creative counterpart is the best of both worlds.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we wanted to take a look at some couples who embody both the romantic and creative senses of the word. Photographer Rebecca Ramsdale put it perfectly when speaking about her partner Pat O’Rourke:

“We love having creative jobs and passions, and we’re both lucky to be able to combine the two. Working freelance is never easy—but having a partner that’s pushing you and inspiring you to work harder makes all the difference.”

Check out the five collaborating couples below for some Valentine’s inspiration.

1. Chris & Sarah Rhoads

LA husband and wife duo Chris and Sarah have been together since college, and have been combining their creative talents for almost as long. Photographers and directors, the pair is known for their ability to instill a sense of humanity—and wonder—into their images, capturing the beauty in the everyday.


2. Keely & Aaron Montoya

Newlyweds and creative partners Keely and Aaron are in the business of capturing the moment. Wedding photographers and lovers of love, their images range from ethereal to heartbreakingly real. Grand in scope and vision, these aren’t your typical wedding shots.


3. Rebecca Ramsdale & Pat O’Rourke

Photographers Rebecca and Pat each have the Instagram accounts of our analog dreams. The creative couple love adventure and collaboration, and are often the source of inspiration (and focus) of each other’s photographs. Their images reflect their sharp eye for details—seeing puddles as mirrors and light and shadows as images in and of themselves.


4. Dylan Ho & Jeni Afuso

Dylan and Jeni’s first date began over an amazing meal, so it should come as no surprise that the husband and wife team continues to turn their attention (and lens) on food and cocktails, with some travel and lifestyle thrown in for good measure. Their images are clean and stylized—inspiration to hop on a plane and inhabit the spaces they portray and feelings they evoke.


5. Zack Ginies & John Thai

John Thai is a Designer and Art Director based in Toronto, while his husband Zack Ginies is a Front End developer at Format. Each works creatively within the digital realm; their skills complementing one another’s within their collaborative projects. Both are also passionate about photography—their Instagram feeds feature one another as often as their beautifully curated surroundings.

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