Horoscopes for Creatives: Jan 25–31, 2016

Our Format Magazine astrologer Priya Kale provides you with creativity, productivity and career-based readings on a weekly basis.

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Every Monday, our Format Magazine astrologer Priya Kale provides professional readings about your creativity, productivity, and career. Find your sign below and follow along each week.

Aries (Mar 21–Apr 19):

A professional situation has totally tested your patience lately—but Mercury’s forward movement, along with Venus’ arrival in your professional sector this week, suggests that your hard work, persistence and patience are going to pay off soon.

Although you’ll have every reason to be proud of your accomplishments, now’s not the time to stop and relish in them, because you have so many more opportunities opening up. Your definition of success might change in the process; it’s important that you make conscious choices supporting your highest goals. It’s a cutthroat world, but you don’t need to play games or burn any bridges along the way. Stay true to your integrity, be fair and honest, and let go of expectations.

Taurus (Apr 20–May 20):

Your perspective is evolving, as you’re beginning to understand your power and authority in the world. This journey is drawing you out of your comfort-zone; asking you to let go of old ambitions if you want to explore a lucrative opportunity on the horizon. But this isn’t just about success or getting ahead.

What you need is a balanced life and a peaceful, harmonious work environment, so you can be productive and creative. You alone have the power to decide which road you take next, and you shouldn’t fear judgment for your choices. Be open-minded and you can find the courage to make choices that bring you a better sense of direction, purpose, and financial and creative freedom.

Gemini (May 21–June 20):

The past few weeks have flipped your world upside down. It might have felt like your destiny was hopelessly entwined with those of others, but as your ruler Mercury stations direct this week you’ll learn valuable information, empowering you with the courage to turn your situation around. If you find yourself in a tug of war, let go of the rope and don’t be afraid to cut your losses.

You don’t need to try to please anyone—but dig deep for your values, and keep sight of your most altruistic ambitions. This can consciously deepen lucrative creative and business partnerships that share in your values and goals. You’ve always been a step ahead of the rest, and you needn’t compete for your spot—take the high road and lead with inspiration.

Cancer (June 21–July 22):

You’ve gone back and forth with partners lately, but now as Mercury stations direct, communication will get easier—allowing you to put an issue to rest once and for all. Learn from the past, but remember it’s not the present; you don’t need to rehash it or beat a dead horse.

You can’t change anyone else, but you can make different choices that bring you greater financial security, as well as deepen connections that truly respect and value you. Invest in the relationships that are mutually supportive, and add to your sense of inner peace, security and creativity without you having to compromise your values. Stay balanced and detached from outcomes, and you’ll make a significant breakthrough this week.

Leo (July 23–Aug 22):

The recent full moon brought relationship dramas to a head, but from this experience you’ve seen who you can truly count on. As Mercury stations direct this week, you can clear the air if there have been misunderstandings within an important relationship or team.

Think of this as a lifestyle change, offering you the chance to improve your quality of life and serve a purpose greater than just your own. Be discerning as you prioritize and let go of what no longer works at work—be it work, health, or anything else. Give your undivided attention to what truly needs it.

Virgo (Aug 23–Sept 22):

Your ruler Mercury stations direct this week, bringing major revelations with it. You can only be yourself, but don’t be afraid to shed your skin, re-invent and re-birth yourself. Scary as it might be to reveal your heart or your art, dare to take off the mask.

You are more creative, loveable, beautiful and (dare I say) sexier than you think or give yourself credit for—and you needn’t apologize or feel guilty for it. Let go of trying to control your creative process or your desires. You’ve been mining creative gold, polishing an idea to perfection, and now comes the time to put it into action.

Libra (Sept 23–Oct 22):

There’s been upheaval on the home front lately, but regardless of what you’ve feared, things are now stabilizing. As Mercury stations direct this week, you have the opportunity to confront an issue from the past and put it to rest once and for all so you can be free to get back to your creative projects. Be honest about what you need to feel financially and emotionally secure.

Also, where did these ideas about security come from? What childhood experiences have shaped your beliefs? You’re uprooting ancient money patterns and redefining your life. Don’t be afraid to re-negotiate domestic or financial relationship or situations, so they are mutually supportive. You have one life; live it your way.

Scorpio (Oct 23–Nov 21):

If you’ve experienced a breakdown in communication lately, here’s your chance to sort it out. Mercury stations direct this week in your communication zone, just as Venus arrives there too, offering you a chance to have constructive conversations and get back on track with significant others. But first acknowledge your perceptions that you need to let go of so you can see reality for what it is.

How you say something matters as much as what you say—now more than ever. Speak up but be willing to listen, rather than think you know it all. You’re learning valuable information that could truly change everything, showing you you have the power to ask for what you want—and get it.

Sagittarius (Nov 22–Dec 21):

A financial situation has had you on edge, and has perhaps secretly kept you up at night. But your worst nightmare need not be a reality if you don’t let it control you, consciously or subconsciously. Mercury stations direct in your income sector this week, as Venus the planet of money and creativity arrived there last week: your fortunes are turning.

It’s also perfectly acceptable to be choosy about your commitments, then you won’t be in danger of over-extending yourself. This will mean letting go of certain other arrangements—but you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Be true to your values, and emotionally detached in your conversations, then you can make wise choices and negotiate arrangements that offer you the security you need.

Capricorn (Dec 22–Jan 19):

Venus is in your sign now, and Mercury stations direct there this week. Expect to gather momentum as the week progresses, bringing you to a significant turning point and breakthrough in your ability to be more authentic in your expression of yourself, your art and your heart.

The Sun is moving through your income sector now, so financially you should start to breathe a lot easier—you’ll gather the recognition for your work that you deserve. You have something unique to offer, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you know you are worth. Financial freedom and security can be yours—and your ultimate dream is very much within your reach.

Aquarius (Jan 20–Feb 18):

You might have thought you knew where a creative or financial situation was headed (and since had it change paths), but if you find yourself having doubts, or feeling in the dark, don’t jump the gun just yet. There’s a lot you don’t know, but that’s all the more reason to keep an open mind, rather than being suspicious.

There are deep changes unfolding behind the scenes, and the end of the week brings you toward a big breakthrough, offering you necessary perspective to make choices moving forward. You’re an Aquarius; you’re ahead of your time. An idea you have isn’t as crazy or impossible as you’ve been led to believe. Explore your options and follow a hunch this week—you’re on to something big.

Pisces (Feb 19–Mar 20):

Your friendships have been tested lately. As Mercury stations direct this week, you’re learning who your friends are and who you can count on to have your back when the chips are down. Your social circle is changing and you’re rubbing shoulders with powerful people who can help you further your goals. Get out there socialize, network, make connections; but also know your values. Don’t get caught up in someone else’s agenda.

You don’t need to try to fit in, compare yourself to others, or worry about what anyone thinks. There will always be naysayers—but if you have a vision, you can gather support and resources to make it a reality.

All readings by Priya Kale.

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