Watch Yourself Disconnect with Artist Dahae Song’s New Video and GIF art

Are we cyborgs yet? Explore the link between cyberspace and human existence in this post-internet Fantasia.


This enchanting art video explores the link between cyberspace and human existence.

You should watch Dahae Song’s new art video at full screen. As the severed hands float around the black screen, you’ll notice your own face reflected back at you. In Disconnect, the viewer becomes part of the digital experience while always staying separated by the screen.

This dissociative effect is the artist’s way of highlighting cyberspace’s influence on our identity and existence. Are we cyborgs yet? What’s the limit of our interaction with technology? Explore the blurred lines of “Disconnect” and let yourself drift into Song’s post-internet Fantasia of body parts.





disconnect from Dahae Song on Vimeo.

Dahae Song is an interdisciplinary artist that we recently featured in “55 Women Making Work We’re Obsessed With.” Check out her portfolio here.

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