Eleanor Hardwick: Inside the Rookie Mag staff member’s toolkit

Find out what Eleanor Hardwick uses to create her dreamy, feminine portraits.

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I’d rather be stressed from doing too much than depressed from doing nothing.

  1. Macbook Pro + Wacom Intuos Tablet (not pictured)
  2. Notebooks (and lots of them!)
  3. Books
  4. _Rocks and crystals (which I collect endlessly)
  5. Tombow ABT Pens
  6. Palo Santo
  7. _Watercolor Paints (Hand me down from my grandfather)
  8. Oil Pastels (another of my grandfather’s art supplies)
  9. Endless novelty sticker collection
  10. Impossible Project Polaroid Film 11.Ink (the blacker the better)
  11. _Infinite piles of gig, exhibition and train tickets (for scrapbooking with later)
  12. Canon EOS 300
  13. Yashica T4
  14. Canon 50mm f/1.4 and 28mm f/1.8 (always at hand)
  15. Experimental Lens Filters
  16. Headphones
  17. Meadham Kirchoff x Penhaligons Tralala Fragrance
  18. Portable Phone Charger/Torch (the most useful combination of things when on the road)
  19. Aux to Jack Adapter (because it’s always useful)
  20. Endless USB Sticks
  21. Canon camera remote (for self portraits)
  22. CF cards in all sizes

Who are you and what do you make?

I’m a 21 year old born in the countryside in Oxfordshire, currently living in South London. In a past life I was a cat, and my life is one long endless art project with Kate Bush as the imaginary soundtrack. Most people know my photography work, but I also direct videos, make music in a multimedia duo called Moonbow, illustrate, and contribute visual, written and musical work as a regular member of staff at Rookie Mag.

What do you keep on hand at all times?

I get pretty stressed out if I leave my headphones at home. I listen to music nearly all the time apart from when I’m asleep. Sometimes even when I’m asleep…


You take photos, make videos, illustrate and you’re in a band—how do you manage life and work?

To be honest, I think life and work are the same thing, and I find the crossover between different mediums very natural. The problem is more so finding a balance between commercial and personal project. I try to only take on commercial work that I can feel really passionate about, so that my desire for self expression is still satisfied.

The good thing about Moonbow is that we just work on it when we can without very much pressure—and I like to place it under an umbrella of video making, performance, costume designing, event curating and zine making. It always feels like each different process is part of the same bigger picture. As for a typical day, every day is always different which is I suppose what keeps me sane. It can go from being so busy that there is barely any time to sleep to doing absolutely nothing—but normally even if I’m doing nothing, I just create more work for myself on purpose because I’d rather be stressed from doing too much than depressed from doing nothing. I don’t really switch off.

You hold onto all your tickets and passes—what has been your favourite experience as a creative so far?

I recently spent a month road tripping around America’s West with some artist friends, which was amazing. It was really nice to dedicate that amount of time to creating something purely for ourselves and living much more in the moment. We are releasing a book later this year with the work; that’s what I’m really looking forward to. And more upcoming music releases.


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