Halloween Candy Designed for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Photographer Cecille David sneaks Halloween candy into minimalist still life meals.


Did you know that we collectively buy 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween? After dragging a pillowcase around the neighbourhood, the average trick-or-treater will eat 3.4 pounds of fun-sized chocolate bars, lollipops, cookies, licorices and sour gummies. That’s a lot of sugar.

It’s also a lot of money. This year marks the highest total spend on Halloween since 2012. Americans will spend a total of $8.4 billon on the holiday, which breaks down to $25 worth of candy for each person handing out treats.

We asked Australian photographer Cecille David to create a series about Halloween candy in her signature minimalist, yet quirky, still life style. She envisioned a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a late night snack. The stunning food photography has a twist—each scene sneaks candy into unexpected places with a sprinkling of spooky props. There’s no escaping the candy that infiltrates our lives during the Halloween season.

Find more of Cecille David’s work on her portfolio, built using Format.

Candy stats via visually, The Balance

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