Edible Donald Trump Portrait Series by Lauren Garfinkel

Recreating the infamous candidate's face with candy, salmon and mushu pancakes.


“You are what you eat,” is the phrase that prompted artist Lauren Garfinkel’s exploration between food and politics.

“For quite some time, I’ve thought about this expression, and how it applies so well to the choices that we make when it comes to politics,” she explains in her mission statement for the series Edible Government.

Her spin-off series featured on Lucky Peach titled Edible Trump focuses on the ubiquitous face and behaviour of Donald Trump. Each image is a meditation on Trump’s behaviour that links an event with the food sculpture. The “Pig in a Blanket Trump,” for example, is a visual representation of Garfinkel’s frustration that “there’s no situation he’s unwilling to minimize with hurtful, hateful, reductive blanket statements!”

Take a peek at some of our favorite Edible Trump food sculptures and check out Garfinkel’s portfolio website at ediblegovernment.com for more.

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