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Good Luck Charms for the Internet Age

Sculpture artist Kaley Flowers creates small creatures that promise to bring you good luck and a strong wi-fi connection.

In Kaley Flowers’s Emoji Shakers series, colorful ceramic characters promise to act as good luck charms. They’re talismans for the modern age, helping their owners contend with everyday digital issues like communication, time management and finding a decent wi-fi connection.

She explains, “Do you ever feel like there needs to be more than words in your conversations? Are you followed by bad luck and low self-esteem? Are you attracted to happiness? These Emoji Shakers are based on venerable principles to serve a modern purpose in accentuating dialogue and dispelling negative forces to attract positive ones.”

With motifs including 90s Microsoft logos, glittering CDs, and thick desktop computers, Emoji Shakers evokes a nostalgic internet past, drawing perhaps on the ancestral wisdom of long-gone digital spaces to bring good vibes to their owners. Despite their internet-inspired looks, Flowers’s sculptures are real objects from an organic material which draws attention to the ever-present contrast of digital and real.

Find more of Kaley Flowers’s work at her online portfolio.

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