10 Architecture Portfolios for Design Inspiration

These architects and architecture studios stand out with websites that are a cut above the rest.


The best-designed architecture portfolios show off a variety of projects in a way that complements, rather than distracting from, the work. Especially for emerging architects looking to connect with new clients or get noticed by established firms, a well-made online portfolio website is an indispensable tool.

Your architecture portfolio can provide an overview of the past projects you’ve done and the type of work you want to focus on in the future, with images and descriptions of your work as well as a CV or bio that explains your professional experience. As a space to showcase all this information, your website should look as good as your work does.

We’ve put together this list of ten standout architecture portfolios to give you some inspiration for designing your own website. From Cape Town to Paris, these architects all have carefully designed online portfolios which display their work at its best.

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Nathalie Eldan Architecture

Founder and principal Nathalie Eldan has worked in her native Jerusalem, as well as in Tokyo and Paris. In 2014, she founded NEA in Paris; it’s an internationally-focused studio, working across the “entire spectrum of architecture from building and urban design to city interventions, research and publications.”

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Erik Andersson Architects

As explained by Erik Andersson’s bio, “Erik Andersson Architects is a Stockholm based studio practicing contemporary architecture and infrastructure.” Andersson studied architecture at Oxford, Columbia, and Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology. Andersson’s studio ranges widely in its practice, with his architecture portfolio showcasing furniture and product design as well as designs for bridges and large-scale infrastructure.

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Nicholas Gurney

Based in Australia, architect Nicholas Gurney specializes in design for small spaces, as demonstrated by the XS - SML label at the top of his portfolio. With ample white space, Gurney’s architecture portfolio is designed with the same minimalism he applies to his interiors. A grid overview shows previews of each project, and clicking through opens up a gallery with images that show each commission in more detail.

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HK Associates Inc

Made up of husband and wife Kathy Hancox and Michael Kothke, HK Associates is located in Arizona. With a range of experience at various architecture firms in the United States and Canada, the two decided to combine their skills. Sustainability is a focus for HK Associates, whose architecture portfolio showcases designs for homes as well as salon spaces.

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Revel Fox and Partners

Founded in 1962 by Revel Fox, this Cape Town firm now has five partners. Their architecture portfolio showcases six decades of past work, organized in a chronological timeline, with recent work displayed first so viewers can get a feel for what the firm has been up to lately. Over the years, Revel Fox and Partners have worked on residential, commercial, hotel, public, and educational buildings, as well as many more projects.

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M Jones Architect

M Jones is the practice of Matthew Jones, an architect based in Brixton, London. Jones has lectured on architecture at UCL and Westminster, and his architecture portfolio shows a range of work, including residential and commercial projects as well as furniture design. A sidebar menu keeps different categories of work easily navigable, and Jones’ detailed About page offers all the background information new clients might need.

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Matt Elkan Architect

Located in New South Wales, Australia, Matt Elkan specializes in designing homes and furniture. With projects bearing names like Photosynthesis House and Lagoon House, it’s clear that harmony with the environment is a focus of Elkan’s work. On his architecture portfolio, Elkan provides background for each project with a brief text that shares some of the challenges and key points of every design.

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GKMP Architects

This Dublin-based studio focuses on designing domestic space, from housing projects to individual homes. They’ve also worked on designs for public spaces and buildings. GKMP has won numerous awards for their work, and recently were named Interior Designer of the Year at the Image Interiors & Living Design Awards 2017. GKMP favors simplicity in their architecture portfolio; galleries that show images one at a time allow viewers to slowly browse through each project.

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Batay-Csorba Architects

Established in 2010 by Andrew and Jodi Batay-Csorba, this architecture studio is now located in Toronto. Their work has been published in more than 60 magazines and shown in 19 galleries internationally. Batay-Csorba has designed a range of residential spaces, as well as larger-scale projects, including urban planning. Batay-Csorba’s architecture portfolio showcases their work with large images that fill up the whole screen.

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Jens Van Zele

Located in Gent, Belgium, architect Jens Van Zele introduces his website with a bold and simple logo. His projects, which are frequently residential spaces, are displayed via a side-scrolling gallery. Allowing images to fill the screen makes for an impactful architecture portfolio in which all the small details of each project can be seen.

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Cover image via HK Associates Inc.