Dutch Designer Christian Heikoop’s Geometric Sweater Designs You Can Hide Under

Just when you thought the normcore trend had died for good, cutting-edge Dutch design student Christian Heikoop brings it back in a hilarious new way.

normcore cover

Poking fun at the played-out trend in an innovative and bizarre fashion, designer Christian Heikoop’s “Normcore” collection is full of garments ideal for the stylish person who actually really hates clothing.

A pantsuit that will completely obscure your whole body? Check. Sleeves so huge that you might be able to fly in a strong wind? Yup. A fuzzy, full-body suit that’s like an unholy marriage between a Snuggie and a pink-wooled sheep? Here you go. Sweaters that completely cover not only your neck but your entire face and head, maximizing both the cosiness and the concealment potential of the classic turtleneck? But of course. After all, who hasn’t sometimes wished for a sweater capacious enough to hide under at an awkward party?

Heikoop’s forcefully geometric collection is a far cry from the New Balances and baggy mom jeans that typified normcore at the peak of its think-piece popularity. But when you consider the original, academic conception of normcore as an ideological rejection of fashion, Heikoop’s Normcore is dead on. The traditional notion of clothing as something that flatters the body is blown totally out of the water by Heikoop’s exaggerated shapes and inhuman silhouettes.

Heikoop recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, and this fall he showed an innovative series of flat-packed furniture at Dutch Design Week, in collaboration with Ecco Leather. Like his Normcore collection, Heikoop’s creative ready-to-assemble furniture pushes the boundaries of the everyday for a final product that’s goofy, fun, and still aesthetically pleasing.

Scroll down to see images from Christian Heikoop’s take on the future of normcore, and find more of his design work at his portfolio.



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