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Designer Lisa Frank Tarot Cards, Yes Really

The future is bright with Ariel Hart’s unicorn and kitten-filled tarot cards.

If you decorated your grade school books with Lisa Frank stickers and now fill your days memorizing tarot card meanings, graphic designer Ariel Hart created the perfect deck for you.

“The Fool” is a singing teddy bear, “The High Priestess” is a pink poodle on a lollipop throne and “The Lovers” are two aliens underneath a kitten with rainbow wings. Not your typical Rider-Waite cards.

It’s almost amazing that it took so long for this to happen. The fusion of Lisa Frank with tarot is only rivalled by these Twin Peaks tarot cards. The best thing about these neon, kaleidoscopic fortune tellers? You can download the tarot cards and print them out.

via Huffington Post

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