Find out what #werkadayNov15 means for illustrator Drew Shannon

The Canadian illustrator is part of a daily design project — and his first few entries have been stunning.

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While most people are filling their Instagram feeds with photos of mustaches this November, Toronto-based illustrator Drew Shannon has his own month-long challenge: #werkadaynov15. Teaming up with a group of like-minded friends, all illustrators or animators as well, Shannon tells us there’s only one rule to this project: “Make a piece of art each day during the month of November (Sundays optional). I think the idea is to help push us as creatives outside our day jobs, or regular gigs, and unite our individual styles and mediums under one header.” The project will culminate with a group show on December 4th, at 156 Augusta Ave (Toronto, Canada).

Shannon has a unique personal style which has attracted clients like VICE, Grolsch, and Reader’s Digest—something that exists in the marriage of the editorial with the supernatural. From a ghostly gondola ride to an impish pixie, his #werkadaynov15 entries cover a number of subjects, but “each utilize the same colors, and same layering techniques.” We can’t wait to see what comes next.

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