Depeapa shows Verónica de Arriba getting crafty with illustration

Depeapa brings stunning illustration to everyday housewares.

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Loosely translated from Spanish, de pe a pa means “from start to finish” or “completely”. For designer, illustrator and maker Verónica de Arriba, it works out to Depeapa: her complete collection of home furnishings, clothing and accessories use this concept to give her illustrations new life.

Strong, clean lines, playful imagery and a neutral palette with bursts of bright color are Verónica’s signature. She plays with unexpected shapes and textures to bring her quirky illustrations to the forefront of notebooks, plates, tea towels, cushions, jewellery and more. The Granada, Spain-based founder and her boyfriend Argider—who also acts as her photographer—aim to keep national craftsmanship alive by using primarily Spanish manufacturers and suppliers. Alongside their unique visual appeal, Depeapa’s products are also undeniably Instagrammable.

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