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10 Candid Photos of Everyday Ireland

Photographer Bartek Wileński captures day-to-day life in Cork, Ireland.

Go beyond tourist photos of Ireland with this photography series by Bartek Wileński. Unlike other snapshots of the Emerald Isle, this Polish photographer skips the typical green fields and quaint villages in exchange for candid images of real life in Cork.

From an abandoned parking lot carnival to drunk behaviour at the local pub, these photographs mimic the experience of travelling to Ireland far better than any brochure.

Throughout the series, Wileński draws attention to his role as an outsider by shooting the everyday scenes from hidden angles or framed by car windows. These are covert glimpses into a place he’s visiting, not yet comfortable with.

“When I’m in a new place, I’m always happy because I have fresh eyes,” Wileński says. “I can release myself from my normal life: work in studio, work with clients and commercial photography.”

Bartek Wileński’s Online Portfolio

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