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Suburban English Life Photographed by Danielle Madeley

Photographer Danielle Madeley documents a small community in Staffordshire in her series ‘The Knot.’

In her documentary series The Knot, photographer Danielle Madeley records the people and landscapes of a small community in Staffordshire, UK.

Her meditative images focus on small details like tree branches, cloud patterns, the back of a child’s head, a vine overtaking a fence. These close-up photos come together to form a greater picture of life in suburban England. A consistent color scheme unites the work, with muted pinks and mossy green tones reoccurring across the series.

Shot over a period of a year, The Knot feels personal, but slightly removed at the same time. “The images lie on the cusp of fictional, tampering with the notions of traditional documentary,” says Madeley. “They are a record of the conflicting ideas of comfort and convulsion akin to the emotions felt with regards to home.”

Find more of Danielle Madeley’s photography at her online portfolio.

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