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The Hidden World of Barges Revealed by Aerial Photography

Photographer Gyula Sopronyi turns cargo ships into abstract landscapes by shooting from high above.

In his photo series Floating Aspects, Hungarian photographer Gyula Sopronyi creates abstract images from aerial views of slow-moving barges. The boats, typically used to transport heavy goods across rivers and canals, are carefully cropped to highlight contrasting colors and patterns. It’s a new view on a familiar object that turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

The meticulous composition of Sopronyi’s photos is juxtaposed with whimsical details. Sopronyi doesn’t edit out the hidden surprises revealed by his overhead shots: a woman napping, a tiny dog and entire boats filled with trash. He describes these boat interiors as “a mundane but, sometimes, romantic world,” with “many faces to reveal to the careful observer.”

Scroll down to see Gyula Sopronyi’s Floating Aspects photos, and find more of the photographer’s work at his online portfolio, built using Format.

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